Sweet clothes are being broadcast

Sweet clothes are being broadcast

Sweet clothes are being broadcast

As the level of society is getting higher and higher, the market and topics of sex underwear have become more and more popular.Every woman hopes that she can wear different styles, and at the same time has certain practical functions, which is why the sex underwear industry has been developing.Next, let’s learn about the types and styles of sexy underwear together.

1. Sexuality Fun underwear

Sex feelings are the most common type of sexy underwear.In the market, they have a variety of styles and colors. The most popular women are some colors such as black, red, pink.The design of these erotic underwear can not only achieve sexy visual effects, but also shape the figure well, so that women can also get healthy care and protection while showing their sexy.

Second, comfortable style sexy underwear

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Under some special cases, comfortable style sexy underwear is particularly important.Their design highlights the health of health and care, while fashion elements are relatively simple.This kind of sexy underwear can not only make women more comfortable to wear, but also to prevent mild trauma from mild trauma.

Third, suspended sexy underwear

The hammo sexy underwear looks very fresh and elegant in terms of style, allowing women to wear more decent and beautiful.Their biggest highlight is their unique back design. Put on them, women’s back lines will look particularly playful.In the summer, wearing a hanging sexy underwear will make women cooler and confident.

Fourth, rabbit ears sexy underwear

Rabbit ear sexy underwear is a special type of sexy underwear.Their style is unique, with a certain cute element, giving people a very cute and interesting feeling.This kind of sexy underwear can not only be used at dating or party, but also relax in the family, injecting a small freshness into the lazy life.

Fifth, lace lace sexy underwear

Lace lace sexy underwear is a very beautiful and exquisite style. The lace and detail processing reflect the quality of the quality.This sexy underwear is also one of the most favorite styles of women, and can show the elegant temperament and femininity of women well.

Six, tube top sexy underwear

The tube top sexy underwear is one of the most traditional type of sexy underwear, often wearing as weddings and other occasions.Their style has both simple and generous design. It also has a complex handmade beauty, and the whole fun underwear looks more delicate and pure.And many tube top sexy underwear has a design with lace lace to make the wearer more fashionable and elegant.


Seven, Internet socks Instead underwear

Internet socks and lingerie are very popular in the market because it emphasizes beautiful legs.Skirts or shorts are especially suitable in summer.Moreover, the various patterns and color design it contains can make the wearer’s legs more slender and sexy.

Eight, lace chest hoods sexy underwear

Lace chest hoods are suitable for women with perfect upper body lines.Its unique lace lace design makes the chest line more beautiful; it should be noted that the appropriate style is selected according to its own cup size, so as to reflect the best sexy effect.


The above is the introduction of different types and styles of sexy underwear. Each erotic underwear has different highlights and use scenarios.However, remembering health and protecting the body is one of the goals that sex underwear has always pursued.Therefore, when choosing, you must choose the one that suits you, which can reflect the personality and ensure health.