Sun Yunzhu I sexy underwear

Sun Yunzhu I sexy underwear

Sun Yunzhu I sexy underwear

Sun Yunzhu is a well -known Korean model and actress who has attracted much attention for his amazing figure and sexy temperament.Her love of sexy underwear is well known.This article will introduce the various sexy underwear that Sun Yunzhu likes, hoping to help female friends who want to choose underwear.

Soft underwear

Sun Yunzhu likes soft underwear.The characteristic of soft underwear is that the material is soft, personal and comfortable, giving people a gentle and soft feeling.This type of underwear is generally made of silk, lace, cotton and silk, and is suitable for women with long body and fair skin.Pink, light yellow, light blue and other light colors are the most suitable for soft underwear.

Sexy Lingerie

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In addition to soft underwear, Sun Yunzhu also loves sexy underwear.Sexy underwear is characterized by the smooth and dynamic material, showing the beauty of women’s curves.It is generally made of silk, lace, tulle and other fabrics, suitable for women with full body and shiny skin.Dark tones such as black, red, and wine red are the most suitable color of sexy underwear.

Basic underwear

Although Sun Yunzhu often tried various sexy underwear boldly, she still attaches great importance to basic underwear.Basic underwear is generally soft fabric and medium style, which is suitable for daily wear to ensure comfort and basic beauty.White, skin tone and other colors are the most suitable color of basic underwear.

Swimsuit underwear

Swimsuit underwear is one of Sun Yunzhu’s favorite type.This type of underwear is made of swimsuit fabrics. It has good elasticity and personal effects. At the same time, it shows a figure curve and is suitable for leg pressing.This type of underwear connects shoulder straps, triangular cups and other diverse and beautiful senses.In terms of color selection, the bright color is the color of the most suitable swimsuit underwear, such as fluorescent red, bright yellow, water blue, etc.

Split underwear

Spo -split underwear is a type that Sun Yunzhu likes.The characteristics of split underwear are unique and bolder for sexy occasions.It is generally made of thin silk, silk, lace and other fabrics. The color selection is mainly black, red and other bright colors.To choose this underwear, you need to consider the occasion and personal body conditions, which is not suitable for women with too full abdomen.

Shoulder -free underwear

The shoulder -free underwear is another favorite of Sun Yunzhu.This type of underwear is designed through the special structural design of the cup and strap, allowing women to completely get rid of the restraint of the shoulder straps and completely expose the shoulders and back curves.Generally, fine hook or rubber band materials are used to ensure the stability of the underwear.In terms of color selection, the same is the same as sexy underwear. Black and red are the most suitable.

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Tape underwear

Tape -type underwear is a kind of underwear similar to tape sticked on the body. Due to the characteristics of tough durability, convenient use, sexy fullness, etc., Sun Yunzhu is hailed as "artifact -level underwear".The color of this underwear is not limited. It can be arbitrarily matched according to the occasion, and at the same time, it can also get rid of the ugly shoulder strap and show the perfect back curve.

Breast enhancement underwear

For women who need to increase their breasts, breast enhancement underwear is the best choice.The controversial materials of this underwear are thick, the indentation effect is excellent, and the beauty is high. Generally, the support, massage, and breast enhancement effect of ribs and chest cups can generally increase the size and elasticity of the chest.This underwear can choose white, skin tone and black color, which can meet daily needs, but also meet some special occasions.


The most popular characteristic of Sun Yunzhang’s sexy underwear is that he has both dressed feelings and appearance, highlighting women’s personality, courageous temperament, and can show women’s charm.Choose the factors of sexual underwear to pay attention to individual selection, occasion restrictions, and self -respect, so as to make themselves a charming woman.