Summer new sexy underwear picture Daquan

Summer new sexy underwear picture Daquan

Summer new sexy underwear picture Daquan

1. Perspective underwear: Show a beautiful curve

Perspective underwear is a sexy sexy underwear, which is often composed of transparent mesh or lace, which can show women’s wonderful curves and softness of the skin.Permanent underwear is not only sexy, but also very practical. It is often selected by women when dressing, making you even better in clothes.

2. Lace underwear: soft and comfortable

Lace underwear is stylish, soft, and breathable, which can provide women with extreme comfort.Lace fabric underwear provides a mild stimulation for the skin, making your clothes more attractive and showing your charm.

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3. silk underwear: elegant texture

Silk underwear is a very comfortable sexy underwear. Because of the soft silk fabric, it can bring an elegant texture.Silk underwear usually pays more attention to details during design, such as embroidery, lace and pearl decorations to make underwear more delicate.

4. Triangle underwear: usual or sexy fun applications

Triangle underwear is a kind of sexy underwear with more daily use. It is characterized by simple, comfortable and happy.This style of underwear can be used in different occasions, which is not only suitable for usual wear, but also can be used with various sexy clothing.

5. Underwear -type underwear: improve sexy

There is a kind of pants of the pants underwear. When women wear it, the skin is wrapped inside, making the body line more prominent, making sexy and more natural.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for various occasions and can play a huge role in fun life.

6. bellyband: sexy small object

The bellyband is a kind of sexy underwear in traditional Chinese culture and a small sexy object.It is characterized by simple and refreshing and refreshing beauty, showing the intriguing beauty of women, and is suitable for the use of various sex games.

7. Underwear suits: any choice of multiple styles

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Underwear suits are unique sets of lingerie. Because different styles, fabrics and styles can be selected in the underwear suit, it is very easy to match its own sexy style.Some brands of underwear suits can also be used as daily underwear.

8. Leather sex lingerie: have a unique sexy feeling

Leather sex underwear is a special sexy underwear. Due to the differences in material and style, it can show a variety of sexy styles.Different from other erotic underwear, leather sex lingerie has a unique sexy feeling, making sex life more exciting.

9. Fantasy retro lingerie: Return to Classical

Fantasy retro underwear is a very popular sexy underwear in recent years. Due to its retro and popular elements, the underwear makes the underwear more beautiful and fresh.Women put on fantasy retro underwear, as if back to the ancient years a hundred years ago, and felt the classic beauty.

10. Sports underwear: simple and comfortable

Sports underwear is a sexy underwear that attaches great importance to practicality. It is usually made of light elastic fabric, which has excellent breathability and fast drying effect.Suitable for various sports and outdoor activities, and can also be used in daily life.


Sex underwear is a underwear that can improve women’s confidence and charm. Different styles, styles and fabrics can adapt to different occasions and tastes.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only reflect your personality and body advantages, but also bring more fun to sex games.