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Subway security inspection: sexy underwear

As one of the fast channels of urban urban, subway plays a very important role in people’s lives.In order to ensure the safety of public transportation, many subways have adopted various security inspection measures.However, will sexy underwear become a problem during security check?This article will analyze this problem from multiple aspects.

1. Why do you need subway security inspection

In order to prevent extremists from adopting terrorist behaviors and safeguarding the safety of public transportation, countries have introduced subway security inspections.In foreign countries, people can see conventional security checks, such as: bags, boxes, small bags, etc. need to enter X -ray machine detection.In China, due to frequent explosions such as corn bombs, most urban subways have already had security systems, and effective security measures have been established.

2. Do you need to check the sexy underwear whether the subway security check

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What is the difference between sexy underwear and other underwear?Their materials may cause metal probe alarms.Of course, sexy underwear is legal, and people have the right to have and carry erotic lingerie, so they need to deal with them.

Third, sexy underwear caused uncomfortableness

During the subway security check, inspectors may ask for extraction or removing sexy underwear hidden in the body, which will undoubtedly make people feel uncomfortable.After all, sexy underwear has become a daily accessories or private items for many people, and they are unwilling to be disturbed in public.

Fourth, the results of the investigation of sexy underwear safety inspection

In recent years, some Western countries have found that sex underwear has become a hot topic of public transport security inspection.One of the surveys shows that 6 of the 10 women think that sexy underwear should be allowed to be worn in public.

Five, sexy underwear is not dangerous

In fact, sexy underwear does not cause hidden safety hazards.According to relevant data, sexy underwear will not endanger public security.Even in some rare cases, if security personnel think that there may be risks in sex underwear, manual inspection can be performed directly.

6. The method of responding to sexy underwear safety inspection

In order to avoid the problem of subway security checks, a better solution is to put sex underwear in luggage to reduce inconvenience during security inspection.Of course, if the inspector requires the requirements of sexy underwear, it is best to cooperate with the inspection.


Seven, the impact of sexy underwear materials on security inspection

The production materials of sexy underwear are diverse, and some of them will misjudge metal probes.In fact, people do not need to worry about affection underwear that will affect the security of subway security inspection.

8. How to perform security underwear in sexy underwear

How to perform security underwear in the subway security check?At present, the security check process of the Irish subway may be one of the ways that all cities can learn from.The subway company provides a private privacy room, allowing people who are required to remove sex underwear.After the inspection is over, re -put it on under monitoring.

Nine, conclusions

The subway security inspection is only for public safety.Although sexy underwear may cause some problems during security checks, it will not become the main security threats in the security check.Under the premise of ensuring public safety, subway security checks should balance the demand for physical privacy and safety.