Stronger to wear sexy underwear by a boyfriend

Stronger to wear sexy underwear by a boyfriend

Understand the affair

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, which is usually made of silk, lace or other exquisite fabrics. Its design can stimulate sexy imagination, enhance sexy and cuteness, and capture people’s attention and eyeballs.Interest underwear must be fitted, and many sexy underwear has special functions. For example, some sexy underwear can adjust the chest shape, and some sexy underwear can increase the sexual experience.Sexy underwear can usually include bra, panty, garter bet, Corset, BABYDOLL, etc.

Talk about the psychology of men and women buying sexy underwear

For women, erotic underwear is a way to show her physical and sexy charm, part of the sex life, and a tool for enhancing the feelings of interest.For men, buying sexy underwear for women means surprise and romance, and it is also a means to promote the sexual life of husband and wife.But if a man forced a woman to put on a sexy underwear, then this purchase is no longer interesting, but an insult to a woman.

Boyfriend lets you wear a sexy underwear is a kind of coercion

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When your boyfriend requires or forced you to wear a fun underwear, this is a kind of coercion that makes you feel persecution and inferiority.Therefore, you should learn to refuse his request until he understands your reactions and respects your wishes.

Interesting underwear should be that you want to wear it yourself

Wearing a sexy underwear is a way to show your beauty. You should wear it because you like their appearance and dress.Instead of dealing with the expectations of my boyfriend.Sex is a matter between two people, and it should not be a unilateral pressure.

Try to make a compromise with your boyfriend

Although you should have the absolute right to wear sexy underwear, you may be willing to put on them in some cases to satisfy your boyfriend’s desire.If you think this is correct, then you should find a way of compromise, such as you can last for a while, or you can wear sex underwear on specific occasions.

Discuss the reason why your boyfriend insists on wearing sexy underwear

Before rejecting the boyfriend’s request, first understand the reason why he insisted on wearing sexy underwear.Maybe he thinks that sexy underwear will increase interest and passion, and you don’t realize this.Or he may be affected by the so -called "male visual heat", thinking that women wear sexy lingerie to satisfy men’s sexual desire.No matter what the reason is, it is important to communicate your feelings honestly with your boyfriend.

Tell him how you feel

If you feel uncomfortable or too stressful, then you should tell him.Make him know why you feel unwilling and satisfied.Only when you tell him honestly, he can truly understand your feelings.

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Never indulge in my boyfriend’s control

If you find that your boyfriend is required to let you wear a sexy underwear is a control behavior, then you should leave as soon as possible.In healthy love relationships, there should be no other party’s trials to control the other party’s behavior.Such men are likely to control you more seriously.

Conclusion: The sexy underwear must be worn by yourself and you must wear it yourself

Wearing a sexy underwear is a very personal choice. It is necessary to consider your own needs and feelings.If you feel uncomfortable or stressful, then you should reject your boyfriend’s request to you, try to compromise with him, and never condone the control of your boyfriend.In short, fun underwear can only truly show your sexy charm when you want to wear it yourself and increase your feelings.