Straight men’s cancer buying sexy clothes


Straight men’s cancer refers to those men who do not pay much attention to women’s dresses. They often think that women’s clothing does not matter, and there is no need to worry about it.However, these men often look very confused when buying sexy underwear.They don’t know how to choose a sexy underwear suitable for their girlfriend, let alone how to choose the sexiest and most attractive style.This article will explain how to choose a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends.


Fun underwear is suitable for those beautiful women with exquisite curves. Any woman can find their own advantages and beauty in sexy underwear.But when choosing sexy underwear, we must know the size of the girlfriend’s figure, which is the first point in buying.For example, a thin girl can choose a lace perspective style when choosing sexy underwear, while the petite and exquisite figure can choose to be close to the waist band chest style.

Choose the right color

Color is a very important buying factor.Different colors can make people have different psychological feelings.Among them, red represents enthusiasm, black represents mystery and sexy, and pink is more sweet and girl’s atmosphere, while white symbolizes fresh and purity. When choosing, you need to combine your girlfriend’s personality and temperament.

Choose a suitable style

Different styles of sexy underwear have different personalities. We can better match according to the temperament of our girlfriend.For example, small freshness can choose a bow or cute style, the sexy one chooses a deep V or back -back style, and the elegant one chooses a simple style.

Choice fabric

Selection of the fabrics of sexy underwear is also very critical. The light tulle can make people feel like it, and finding appropriate fabrics can not only ensure comfort, but also highlight their good figure.

Understand the reputation of the manufacturer

When choosing sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to the reputation of manufacturers, ensuring quality and more reliable.

Reasonable budget

When buying sexy underwear, we must set up a reasonable budget, which can not only better grasp our own economic situation, but also make ourselves pay more attention to the quality of buying.

Brand match

In the choice of sex underwear, brand matching is also very important. Choosing high -quality brands can effectively avoid the use of inferior materials and inappropriate size problems.

Consider the exchange with her

Before choosing a sexy underwear, we also need to consider communicating with her to understand her preferences and needs, so as to achieve better purchase results.


The matching of sexy underwear has a lot of skills and particular skills in terms of skin texture, color selection, fabric ratio and other aspects.The correct choice can not only reflect our care and details of girlfriends, but also effectively stimulate her inner self -confidence and charm.I hope that today’s sharing can be helpful for everyone’s choice of sexy underwear.

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