Stockings Touching Special Fun Clothing

Stockings Touching Special Fun Clothing

Stockings Touching Special Fun Clothing

The first part: the basic knowledge of sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to clothing that adds fun to sex and increases fun, such as various sexy underwear, bellybands, stockings and high heels in adult products.These underwear categories should be determined according to specific purposes, because many of them have common characteristics and applicable scenarios. We need to first understand its basic knowledge before we can understand the products, styles and choices of stockings that will be introduced in this article.Buy details.

Part 2: The history of stockings touching special sexy underwear

The history of stockings can be traced back to Europe and the United States 100 years ago. At that time, with silk underwear, stockings, lace, bellybands, etc. as a symbol of sexy and interesting.Modern stockings have developed into a variety of different styles of clothing, and are widely used in sex games, role -playing and interesting experiences.

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Part 3: Category of Stockings Touching Special Interests Underwear

Stockings can be divided into multiple different styles, including five -finger socks, open crotch stockings, whole body net socks, stockings, and jealousy.These customized and ready -made underwear show a charming, sexy or sexy effect through different materials, thickness, texture and design.

Part 4: The material choice of stockings touched special sexy underwear

The materials of stockings in stockings include silk, polyester, and lace. These materials have different characteristics.For example, silk underwear is soft and comfortable, breathable, shiny, and flexible; polyester underwear uses artificial fibers that can not be wrinkled, color preservation, easy to wash and fast; lace underwear is one of the most seductive underwear, a variety of lace borderMakes people with romantic, seductive and sexy women.

Part 5: The color choice of the color of stockings touched the special fun underwear

In terms of stockings, you should choose suitable for skin tone and temperament in terms of coloring underwear. At the same time, you must also consider the color matching of the whole suit.For example, white underwear can be used for wedding photos or pure daily wear, and black underwear is a classic choice. Golden underwear is suitable for night gatherings and high -end gatherings.

Part 6: The size choice of stockings in stockings

When choosing the size of stockings to touch the specialty underwear, you must not only pay attention to the size of the wearing. You should divide it into two kinds of underwear of normal and sexy according to different designs. The size is correspondingly different.We must choose the right size to ensure the sexy effect of wearing comfortable and clothing.

Part 7: Stockings Touching Special Innerwear Dressed Skills

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When wearing stockings with special sexy underwear, pay attention to the following skills.First of all, the material can be slightly relaxed to ensure that the underwear is not tightly bound, while avoiding uneven lines.Secondly, underwear should fit with the skin to avoid wrinkles or wrinkles.Finally, pay attention to changes in temperature and atmosphere, and make adaptive adjustments at any time.

Part 8: How to use stockings to touch special sexy underwear in sex

In sex, stockings are very required and useful to touch special fun underwear, which can enhance the desire of fun and sexual life, and help increase the temperature and novel sense of sex.For example, wearing sexy stockings, bellybands or corresponding underwear in the room can increase sexual changes and stimuli.

Part 9: Precautions for buying stockings when touching special sexy underwear

When buying stockings and touching specialty underwear, pay attention to choosing appropriate colors and sizes to ensure that the clothing is appropriate and warm.In addition, we also need to adopt a safe, high -quality and high reputation channel to ensure the quality of the underwear.

Part 10: My view of touching stockings in stockings

In my opinion, stockings touching specialty underwear is not only a kind of auxiliary tool for sex, but also an attempt and exploration of sex.Different stockings are suitable for different personalities and psychological states, which can make us relax and enjoy the process of sex.Therefore, we should reasonably use stockings to touch special fun underwear to increase the taste and taste of sex.