Squeeze juice sexy underwear

Squeeze juice sexy underwear

Squeeze juice sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a must -have for modern women to show personality and charm.With the progress of the times, there are more and more types and styles of sexy underwear.As a kind of juice, as one of them, it also appears in the market, which has attracted widespread attention.This article will introduce some of the important knowledge and characteristics of juice and sexy underwear.

Material Introduction

There are two types of juice and sexy underwear: rubber and imitation leather.Among them, the rubber texture is soft, the personal effect is good, and it can shape the shape, but the special cleaning method is required to dry, otherwise it is easy to deform; the imitation leather is relatively hard, the ventilation is poor, the breathability is poor, and the discomfort is easy to wear for a long time.feel.When buying, choose the appropriate material according to your physique and needs.


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The principle of juice juice and sex underwear is mainly made of close -fitting rubber materials to make the body surface frequently friction, thereby promoting blood circulation and completely saving sub -healthy state.Using slight pressure, juice and sexy underwear can slowly squeeze the sweat during exercise to achieve the effect of fat loss and weight loss.

Pay attention to

Pay attention to the following points to wear juice and sexy underwear: First of all, you should choose the right size to avoid excessive or over loose.Secondly, be careful not to wear it too long to avoid excessive juice and cause the body to lose water or too fatigue.Finally, you should pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance to avoid bacterial reproduction and material deformation.


Squeezing juice and erotic underwear can play the effect of juice, body shaping, and weight loss, which is a weapon for modern women to lose weight.After wearing juice and sexy underwear, the body will feel slightly oppressive. This process can generate a rebound force, thereby accelerating the body’s metabolism and achieving the purpose of lipid weight loss.

Use time

Squeezing juice underwear can be used in different occasions of daily life. For example, wearing outdoor sports can squeeze juice and sweat, and accelerate weight loss.At the same time, wearing juice and sexy underwear on work, leisure, dating and other occasions also have a certain effect of abdomen.

the way of buying

Pay attention to safety when buying juice sexy underwear. It is recommended to choose a regular sexy underwear store to buy to avoid buying inferior products and affect your health.

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Price range

The price of juice and sex underwear varies from factors such as material, brand, design and other factors. The price range ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.It is recommended to choose the price and brand that suits you without pursuing too high prices and brands.

Market response

Since the emergence of juice and sex underwear, the market response has been warm.Many users have the effect of slimming and shaping through juice sexy underwear, and the reputation of the market has continued to improve.


In general, juice and sexy underwear are a very practical fitness tool that can promote various effects such as blood circulation, juice squeeze weight loss, and slimming beauty, which is especially suitable for modern women.However, you should pay attention to the appropriate size, time and cleaning to achieve the best results.