Sportswear sex lingerie beauty atlas

Sportswear sex lingerie beauty atlas

Sportswear sex lingerie beauty atlas


Sportswear sex underwear is a kind of underwear with a sense of fashion and sexy charm, which integrates functionality and aesthetics.Sports clothing and sexy underwear usually have the characteristics of sweat resistance, tightness, comfort, strong support, etc., and are also very attractive.


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Sportswear and sexy lingerie have a variety of styles.In terms of material, fabrics mostly use fibrous fiber fabrics with good breathability, antibacterial deodorization, and can save sweat evaporation and prevent odor.

For people

Sports clothing and sexy underwear are suitable for women with various sports, whether they are running, yoga, fitness, swimming, or other comprehensive sports.You can also wear this underwear when you sleep, because it is very comfortable in design.

Method of dressing

When wearing sportswear and sexy underwear, be sure to choose the correct size.Before buying, please measure your bust and lower busts to avoid the inappropriate size of the sizes and the effect of exercise.In addition, some sportswear and sexy underwear need to be disassembled, and the assembly also needs to pay special attention to details.


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The use of sportswear sex underwear and other sportswear can be used, such as tight sports pants, yoga pants, sports shorts, etc.Women wearing sportswear and sexy underwear can also choose some simple and clean coats, such as lightweight windbreakers, sports T -shirts, loose long -sleeved sweatshots, etc.

Brand recommendation

The brands that are suitable for sports and purchase occasions are mainly Victoria ’s Secret, adidas, PUMA, etc. If you like some more sexy styles, you can choose a sportswear -faced underwear for brands such as Honey Birdette and Agent Provocateur.

How to maintain

Before cleaning sportswear sexy underwear, be sure to clean up the coats and sweat stains in the coat.You can choose to wash or gently machine -wash, and you cannot use a dryer, otherwise it will easily damage the paper cup.

Price of sportswear sex underwear

Because sportswear sex lingerie needs to consider fabric quality and design style, the price will be slightly higher, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.

Beauty atlas

Below are several beauties in sportswear -in -clothing underwear. They are fashionable and elegant and very agile.


Sportswear sex underwear is a perfect combination of function and aesthetics, which not only enhances the self -confidence and charm during exercise, but also gives you a beautiful relaxation experience after exercise. It is a necessary fashion clothing for modern women.