Snow mm wearing sex lingerie live broadcast

Snow mm wearing sex lingerie live broadcast

Snow MM’s live show

With the rise of e -commerce, live broadcast has become a very popular e -commerce model.In the live broadcast, the anchors interacted with fans through various forms to show them their products and advertise their brands and products.Popular live broadcast anchors can even earn high income.

Falling underwear’s attractiveness

Interest underwear has always been a very popular fashion item. One of its major advantages is that different types of erotic underwear can adapt to people with different body characteristics and aesthetic views, because sexy underwear will still be with the use of different design elements.The characteristics are matched, but those who wear them can get special visual effects and physical and mental stimuli.

How to choose sexy shirts in snow mm

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Similar to other categories of underwear, sexy underwear is also designed.In terms of choice, sexy underwear must not only consider styles, but also need to consider their own figure characteristics.When choosing a sexy underwear, Xue MM needs to consider your body, needs, and personal preferences, and try to choose the style that suits you.

Sexy, perspective, lace style

Sexy -style sexy underwear is a type that most women want to buy. It will make full use of perspective, lace, embroidery and other elements in design to better display the human curve.The sexy lingerie of the perspective style uses thin fabrics, which can better display the body’s curve, giving people a sense of mystery and temptation.As for lace styles, it is a more common sexy lingerie style.

Size of sex underwear

When buying sexy underwear, the size selection is particularly important, because the sexy underwear is more of the visual effects as the main considerations compared to other underwear categories.Therefore, if the size is not suitable, it will have a certain impact on the overall effect.Users can judge the appropriate size by using size recommendation tables and trials.

Sex underwear matching

The good match of sexy underwear is based on simplicity. If it is too complicated, it will often appear messy visually.You can wear simple short clothes, long shawls, etc.

The color of sexy underwear

There are many colors of sexy underwear, but it is recommended to choose neutral colors such as white, black or light yellow, because these colors will better integrate into the overall dressing, and it will not give people a sudden feeling.


Sexy underwear wearing taboos

In order to get better wear effects, you also need to understand the taboos of some sexy underwear.For example, it is not advisable to wear too tight and too small underwear, and you must not force the underwear into the outer clothes, which will affect the effect.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the effects of humidity and damage on sexy underwear.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear needs to pay special attention to maintenance.It is best to use hand washing, but do not rub, but gently wash.If you use a washing machine, it is recommended to choose a positive wet water function.


In the process of choosing a sexy underwear for yourself, you need to pay attention to the problems of styles, size, matching, color and other applications, as well as the maintenance problem of sexy underwear, in order to create the best effect on yourself.EssenceI hope that everyone can enjoy the charm and mystery that erotic underwear brings to themselves.