Shooting sex underwear ads

Shooting sex underwear ads


Interest underwear has become a very popular fashion in modern society.And if you want to successfully promote a sexy underwear, it is very important to shoot an attractive advertisement.Below, we will introduce some skills to shooting sexy underwear advertisements.

Choose a model

The success of sexy underwear advertisements to a large extent depends on the model selected.So you should choose a model with a sense of fashion, hot body, and self -confidence in the camera.This can better show the uniqueness and beauty of sexy underwear.

Choose venue

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It is important to choose a suitable shooting venue.The promotion of sexy underwear usually requires some cover, which requires a more hidden venue.For example, hotel rooms, ancient castles, or certain independent villas.While determining the style of dress, ensure that the rental venue can be leased for more than 12 hours.

Choose the light that cooperates

The light required for sex underwear advertisements can highlight the sexy charm of the model and the underwear.In the case of insufficient indoor lights, high -power lights or spotlights can become your first choice.And if the shooting is outdoors, natural light can have a good effect in some cases.

Follow color matching

The color matching of sexy underwear advertisements has a very important role in the ultimate effect of the entire advertisement.You can choose the corresponding color according to the underwear brand you promoted.For example, traditional "sexy red" and "luxury gold" are very common options for some brands.

Select the specialized equipment for the shooting team

Professional makeup artists can provide the best shape help for models.Wearing erotic underwear requires coordinated makeup, making the model look more sexy and energetic.Therefore, it is necessary to choose an experienced professional makeup artist.

Follow the details of clothing

The creativity of sexy underwear should be through the entire shooting process.Don’t ignore the details.It is very important for the selection and line processing details of clothing.Through details, the brand’s uniqueness and personality can be reflected.

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Pay attention to post -production

After completing the shooting, you need to send the recorded film to the post -production team.The production team can handle the color, music and special effects of the film to achieve the best results.At the same time, adding some legal copyright music and other elements that meet the brand image can enhance the attractiveness of advertising.

Choose the right distribution platform

Finally, shooting a successful sexy underwear advertisement needs to be promoted on the right platform.Traditional plane media advertisements, such as magazines and newspapers, are still good options, but with the rise of social media, online advertisements including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are also very popular.


To shoot a successful sexy underwear advertisement requires a lot of preparation.Of course, choosing a creative and consistent advertising in the post -production team is also very helpful.This not only improves the ideological nature of advertising in commercial marketing, but also brings valuable blood injection to brand value.