She wore a sexy underwear to make

She wore a sexy underwear to make

She wore a sexy underwear to make

When we think of sexy underwear, the first impression is that it is a sexy clothing, suitable for the private moment of couples or single women.However, in recent years, the scope of the use of sexy underwear is far more than that. They are being used as daily wear or as underwear to improve self -confidence and sexy.In this article, we will explore why women are more and more like to wear sexy underwear and understand various types of sexy underwear so that you can choose the most suitable style for yourself.

1. The origin of sexy underwear

Interest underwear originated from a foothold similar to the Renaissance. At that time, it was a performance for acrobatics and entertainment venues.Over time, these clothes have gradually entered the public culture.Today, sexy underwear is no longer designed according to acrobatics. They have been upgraded to a mature underwear and female fashion.

2. Sexy underwear vs sexy underwear

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Many people mix sexy underwear and sexy underwear.Although they are all used to enhance women’s sexy underwear, there are still differences between them.Sexy underwear is usually suitable for daily wear, which is comfortable and practical.And sexy underwear is more privately used for more private occasions, such as candlelight dinner or a sexy night.

3. stockings

Stockings are the most basic part of sexy underwear.In addition to keeping warm, stockings can add sexy and charm to women’s legs.When choosing stockings, women should consider their skin tone and body shape so that they can choose the most suitable color and size.

4. bra

One of the most common types in sex underwear is bra.Good erotic underwear bra should be able to effectively shape and support the chest.In addition, some fun underwear bra also designed lace, sequins and other decorations to make women’s sexy more conspicuous.

5. Bottom pants

Like bra, the bottom pants of sexy underwear are also very important.Common types of underwear are thongs and camisole, which can allow women to quickly increase sexy.It is worth mentioning that the texture and fabric of the bottom pants are equally important, and the appropriate material is comfortable and beautiful.

6. Lian body coat

Conjusational underwear is a very sexy sexy lingerie. Because it directly covers most of the women’s body, it is very picky when wearing.Good conjoined underwear should be mixed with elements such as light, transparent and sexy, and can make women show their perfect figure.

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7. Tattoo dress

Tattoo dresses are a unique sexy underwear that is suitable for those women who love tattoos and hope to highlight their sexy women through clothing and posture.This erotic underwear is usually mainly tulle and inlay design, which can still feel comfortable when women put on them.

8. lace underwear

Lace underwear has always been the most popular type of sexy underwear.Because of its exquisite design, lace underwear can make women look charming and moving in various occasions.In addition to conventional bra and underwear, there are different categories such as vests without vests, supporting the chest and perspective.

9. Embroidered underwear

Embroidered underwear is a unique sexy underwear, which is usually made of traditional fabrics.Although its style is similar to lace underwear, embroidered underwear usually pays more attention to the artistic design of women in various parts of women, making women look more attractive.

10. Conclusion

Through the above guide, women can better choose the sexy underwear that suits them best, so that they can show a strong sexy taste on different occasions.Whether it is stockings, underwear, bra, conjoined underwear or other models, sexy underwear has always been a must -have for sexy and confident.