Shanghai recruiting lingerie model

Shanghai recruiting lingerie model

Shanghai recruiting lingerie model


With the development of society and the changes in people’s aesthetics, sexy underwear shops are gradually becoming the focus of fashion.In order to meet the needs of more people, many sexy underwear stores began to recruit models.As one of the central cities in the domestic fashion circle, Shanghai is no exception.So, what requirements do Shanghai recruiting underwear models need to meet?This article will answer you one by one.

1. Age requirements

Generally speaking, the age of the Shanghai recruitment underwear model is between 18-28 years old. The female of this age group is petite and light, and it is most suitable for displaying various sexy underwear.In the actual recruitment process, age is not the most critical condition. The key is to depend on whether the temperament and body of the model are suitable.

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2. Body requirements

The primary condition for recruiting sexy underwear models is of course body figure. If you have a good figure, you can show the effect of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, Shanghai’s sexy underwear stores usually choose women with a height of more than 160cm and a weight of about 100 pounds as models.Of course, the requirements of the shape, elegant temperament, fair skin and other aspects are also essential.

3. Professional literacy requirements

No matter what industry, professionalism is essential.When recruiting sexy underwear models, sexy underwear shops usually take into account whether the model has professionalism.For example, models need good quality training foundation and dance performance foundation.

4. Recruitment program

Under normal circumstances, recruitment of sexy underwear models needs to provide personal resumes, full -body photos and videos. After preliminary screening, you can enter the interview.During the interview, sexy underwear shops usually conduct some trials, examine the models of models and internal driving forces, and finally conduct comprehensive assessments.

5. Salary treatment

Interest underwear models are a profession with many benefits.On the one hand, this kind of work can provide a relatively stable income for the model, and with the increase of work experience, the salary level will also increase; on the other hand, the model will receive some physical protection and value -added during work.Services, such as physical therapy, free nutritional meals, health insurance, etc., are generally very good.

6. Work pressure


Although the work of sexy underwear models is full of charm and temptation from the surface, in fact, this job needs to withstand great pressure.For example, models need to follow some particularly rigorous regulations and standards, and find a balance point between imitation and real, which has severe challenges for the model’s body and psychological quality.

7. Market prospects

In recent years, as people’s demand for sexy underwear has continued to increase and diversify, the prospects of sex underwear stores in the market have become increasingly clear.Of course, if you want to be an excellent sexy underwear model, you need to have excellent basic qualities and continuously improve your skills in order to stand out in market competition.

8. Experience sharing

Being a sexy underwear model requires psychological preparation and skills to adapt to this job.First of all, models need to maintain a healthy state and optimistic attitude. At the same time, focus on self -cultivation and quality improvement, such as dance, yoga, and body training.Finally, models must also know how to prevent and protect themselves, such as considering the scope of work, private life, and privacy protection.

in conclusion

In short, when recruiting sexy underwear models, it is necessary to consider the physical fitness, professional literacy, temperament and other factors of the model, and give appropriate wages and guarantees.After becoming a sexy underwear model, you need to overcome the various pressures in the work, focus on self -improvement and progress, and do your own career protection.