Sexy underwear wearing method teaching video

1 Introduction

As a sexy dress, sexy underwear has become an important choice for beautiful women.However, many women encounter some difficulties when wearing sexy underwear, such as unspeakable, uncomfortable, and so on.This article will show you the method of wearing erotic underwear through the form of video, so that everyone can enjoy beauty and sexy happily.

2. Preparation

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you need to flatten your head, do not let your hair block the thin band behind your back; prepare a full -body mirror in order to observe your wear effect; choose the right underwear and coat.

3. How to wear chest stickers

Breast paste is a kind of sexy underwear commonly used by women. It can effectively enhance the beauty and sexy of the chest.To put the chest sticker correctly, you need to support your breasts upwards, close to your chest, and be careful not to run away.

4. How to wear sex pants

Sexual underwear is an important prop to enhance sexuality, but different styles of underwear wear is slightly different.Generally speaking, sexual panties need to ensure that the skin is close to the skin, reducing unnecessary folds and relaxation. At the same time, don’t be too tight, affecting comfort.

5. How to wear a fun connector

Interesting clothes are a overall sexy underwear, which requires a little bit of worry.First of all, you need to wear the underwear, then put the jacket from the feet, pull it to the waist to the right position, trim the position of the panties, and finally tie the shoulders and back strips to ensure that the clothes are comfortable.

6. How to wear a fun set

The sex set includes two parts: top and underwear, which need to be worn separately.The top needs to fit the chest, and the pants need to be comfortable and close to the state.After wearing it, you need to sort out the details, such as adjusting your shoulder straps, tightening your trousers and so on.

7. Note

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the following points.First, do not choose tight underwear to avoid affecting blood circulation.Second, choose the right underwear number to avoid excessive or too small.In addition, sexy underwear needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure health and hygiene.

8. Wearing skills video

The following is a video of sexy underwear for your reference.

Video link: V = 6xkxdg-uwuk & t = 3s

9. Summary

Wearing sexy underwear requires carefulness and patience, but as long as you are good at mastering various wearable skills, anyone can easily enjoy beauty and sexy.I hope this article provides some reference and help.

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