Sexy underwear use action video tutorial

Sexy underwear use action video tutorial


Interest underwear is a product that enhances sexual interest and life. It can be used whether it is between couples and self -enjoyment.However, for some people who are just in contact, there will be some difficulty in using sexy underwear, and I don’t know how to wear and use it correctly.Therefore, here, we provide some action video tutorials used by sexy underwear to help you better master the operating skills.


First of all, we need to prepare some production materials, such as sexy underwear, sex supplies, safety sets, etc.

Wearing skills

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The wearing skills of sexy underwear are one of the focus of sexy underwear. Different types will have different wearing skills.Some need to cross the head, and some need to cross the hand.Pay attention to adjusting the size when wearing to ensure comfort.


In addition to wearing skills, the use of sexy underwear is also important.Some sexy lingerie needs to be used with supporting sex products, such as handcuffs and mouthball.Pay attention to hygiene problems when using to avoid causing infection.

Oral wear

Pocket balls are a kind of sexy underwear. It can enhance sexual interest, but because of the particularity of wearing, it will be a bit difficult.When wearing, pay attention to the size of the mouthball, so as not to be too small or too large.

Eye mask wearing

Eye masks can enhance sexual interest and sensory stimuli, but you need to pay attention to whether the eye mask causes compression of the eye when wearing, and also pay attention to the respiratory tract not to be blocked.


Pay attention to the comfort and flexibility of handcuffs to prevent injuries to prevent injuries.Make sure that the shackles are tight enough when wearing, but it will not cause poor blood circulation too tightly.


Skill use tips

Constitution is also a sexual product.When using, pay attention to choosing the right size and brand, and remember to check before use to ensure whether the surface is damaged and leaking.

Cleaning and maintenance

In order to use the health problems next time, sexy underwear must be cleaned and maintained.It is best to use warm water and neutral detergent to clean sexy underwear, and be gentle when washing, not too intense to avoid damage.

Use environment and scene

When using sexy underwear, the environment and scenes are also important.It is best to use in a comfortable, warm, and private environment to better enhance sexual interest and sensory stimuli.

in conclusion

Using sexy underwear can enhance sexual interest, but for those who are in contact or unfamiliar, it is important to understand wearing skills and use skills.I hope the above tutorial can help everyone enjoy a better interesting life.