Sexy underwear type movie

Sexy underwear type movie

Brief introduction

Sexy underwear can show women’s charm and sexy, so it is often used in movies to create atmosphere and enhance character personality characteristics.Here are several common sexy underwear movies.

Student outfit

Students’ sexy underwear usually has the attributes of students, such as white skirts with purple strap skirts or pink vests with blue white dot skirts.This kind of sexy underwear is often used in campus themes or love youth films, showing the youthful vitality and innocence of the heroine.

Catwoman clothing

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Cat and women’s clothing is one of the most classic sexy underwear. Black tights with belts or tails, and tied a pair of cat ears, can be called sexy endorsements.This kind of sexy underwear is often used in superhero theme movies, as well as some action movies and prank movies, its sexy attributes make the heroine more charming and mysterious.


Nurse installation mainly reflects the gentleness and care of women. Usually white is the main color, with red cross or other related medical attributes, exudes the dual charm of sexy and gentleness.This kind of sexy underwear is often used in medical movies, such as ghosts or thrillers, and nurses are used to show the heroine’s rescue and wounded heart.

Cheongsam installation

Cheongsam erotic underwear is rich in Chinese -style charm. It is suitable for women with long hair or buns. They are high -necked, loose and elegant, and very elegant.This sexy underwear is often used in literary films or costume movies to express women’s softness and elegance.

Leather clothing

Leather’s sexy underwear is a relatively rare and cold representative. It is usually the main tone of black. It is paired with leather bags, leather gloves or leather boots, which has a strong sense of fashion.This kind of sexy underwear is often used in movies similar to gangs or policemen to show the heroine’s courage and courage.


Sailors usually make blue and white stripes, tight -fitt T, with sailor skirts or shorts, plus blue navy hats, etc., forming a fresh and beautiful image.This sexy underwear is often used in the beach theme or scene -related scenes, making the heroine youthful, agile and beautiful.

Thigh High

Christmas costumes

Christmas costume refers to the sexy underwear for holidays. It usually uses red, green, and white as the main color. It is matched with Christmas hats, small gifts or red skirts, etc., exuding a strong festive atmosphere.This kind of sexy underwear is often used in Christmas theme films, showing women’s joy and warmth.

military uniform

Military and sexy underwear is green as the main color, with a camouflage or a bullet belt, revealing a strong military style.This kind of sexy underwear is often used in military -themed movies to present the heroine’s resoluteness, toughness, and courage.


The characteristics of swimwear erotic underwear are sexy and healthy, and are often used to show the heroine’s body and sexy.It is usually a relatively close -fitting style, with beach slippers and sunglasses, so that people can see pictures full of summer atmosphere.This sexy underwear is often used in relatively lively, relaxed and funny movies.


Interest underwear is one of the indispensable props in the movie, which can express different personalities and charm of women.When you are watching a movie, you may wish to pay attention to the heroine’s sexy underwear to feel different aesthetic and sexy atmosphere.