Sexy underwear tune H Old Han

Sexy underwear tune H Old Han

Sexy underwear tune H Old Han

In the impression of many people, sexy underwear is designed and created for women’s beauty.However, in sexual gameplay, men also need to wear sexy underwear.For example, "H Old Han", as a common sexual gameplay, requires men to wear sexy underwear to provide better help for women’s pleasure and training.This article will explore the application and precautions of sex underwear from a gender perspective.

1. Understand the affection of affection

Interest underwear, as a sex toy, mainly includes two categories, one is women’s erotic lingerie (hereinafter referred to as women’s underwear), and the other is male erotic underwear (hereinafter referred to as men’s underwear).Women’s underwear can be divided into a series of suspenders, corsets, three -point style, style underwear and role -playing.Men’s underwear mainly includes a series of kimono, tie, thong and role -playing.In the gameplay, both men and women can wear sexy underwear to create a fun atmosphere.

2. The meaning of sexy underwear to old man H

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In the gameplay, H Lao Han, as a way to play, is designed to adjust men through sexy underwear.Men’s sexy underwear can make them feel the pleasure of women and increase the fun experience of both sides.At the same time, sexy underwear can release men’s inner desires, make yourself more relaxed, and temporarily forget the troubles and pressures in life.Therefore, the significance of sexy underwear to the old man in H is that in the gameplay, men are no longer just a object that meets women’s needs, but can achieve the purpose of interacting and tuning with women through wearing sexy underwear.

Third, the choice of men’s sexy underwear

The choice of men’s sex lingerie is similar to women’s sexy underwear, which can be selected according to personal preferences and body conditions.For beginners, you can choose a comfortable and simple underwear to reduce the threshold for learning.For the experienced H old man, you can choose a more challenging and irritating underwear to achieve a better training effect.However, no matter what kind of sexy underwear for men, when choosing, they should pay attention to quality and safety to avoid harm to physical health.

Fourth, pay attention to the size selection of sexy underwear

Like women’s underwear, men’s sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to size selection.Because each person’s body conditions are different, choosing the right size can make the underwear better show the lines and curves of the male body.At the same time, wearing suitable sizes of underwear can avoid excessive or loose conditions, causing unnecessary embarrassment or discomfort.

5. Psychological construction of sexy underwear

Male wearing erotic underwear needs a certain psychological construction.First of all, we must understand from the heart that wearing sexy underwear is a normal and healthy behavior, and can get happiness and satisfaction from it.Secondly, wearing erotic underwear requires a certain degree of patience and perseverance, because learning tuning and self -sense requires a process.Finally, wearing sexy underwear to overcome its own psychological and social pressure, which requires men to have enough confidence and courage.

6. The correct posture of sexy underwear

Men need to pay attention to the correct posture of wearing sexy underwear.For example, wearing kimonos need to be correctly dressed in hair and lace, and you need to pay attention to obesity and muscle characteristics such as thongs.If men wear incorrectly, they will appear embarrassing or uncoordinated, affecting the training effect and interesting experience.

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Seven, sexy underwear use skills

In actual sexual gameplay, men wearing sexy underwear can participate in various sexual gameplay.For example, you can participate in large -scale gameplay such as role -playing, bundling, SM.In use, you need to master certain skills, such as mastering the skills of physical movements, language expression, and emotional communication.

8. Clean and maintenance of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear needs to be cleaned after use.It should be noted that different erotic underwear needs to use different cleaning methods. For example, some underwear needs to be washed by hand, and some underwear can be placed directly in the washing machine.At the same time, sexy underwear needs to be dry and do not directly expose to avoid deformation or fading underwear.


Sexy underwear is a kind of sex toy, and male erotic underwear, as a gender change and tuning technique, plays an important role in the gameplay.Men’s sexy underwear can increase the fun and irritation of sexual gameplay, and further improve the quality and content of the sex experience.However, before learning and practice, men need to overcome higher psychological pressure and social pressure. It is important to recognize and confidence.At the same time, the correct choice and correct posture of sexy underwear is also the details and skills that men need to pay attention to in the gameplay.