Sexy underwear test

Sexy underwear test

1. What is a sexy sheet

Interesting underwear is a special costume for sex and sex occasions. It is usually composed of sexy fabrics, special styles and design. It aims to increase sexual stimulus and fun.Different from ordinary underwear, sexy underwear has more bare and perspective, which is bolder, sexy and teasing.

Second, the classification of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear can generally be divided into four types: beautiful women’s sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie and European and American sex underwear.Beautiful women’s sexy underwear focuses on the beauty and sexy appearance of the appearance, suitable for going out; sexy underwear has more sexual hints, which can stimulate eroticism; adult sex lingerie usually has a stripical design to pursue the ultimate sex experience;There are many tricks and types, more fashionable and novel.

Third, the material of sexy underwear

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The materials commonly used in sex underwear include silk, lace, mesh, PU skin, and artificial hair.These materials can create different atmosphere and mood and meet the needs of different people.In addition, transparent materials and naked design are also one of the important elements of sexy underwear.

Fourth, sexy underwear style

There are many fun underwear styles. There are three -point style, open crotch panties, hollowed outfit, lace suspenders, and sex clothes.These designs not only make underwear more tempting, but also strengthen the interactive experience of sex.

5. Selecting the size of the sexy underwear

Size is the focus of consideration when choosing sexy underwear.Interesting underwear is generally used in universal size, but the standards of each brand are different. It is best to choose the size according to your figure.If you are not sure, please refer to the size table on the purchase page, or consult customer service.

Six, the matching of sexy underwear

The matching of sexy underwear is equally important.Matching can make the underwear more colorful, and it can also enhance the stimulus of sex experience.For example, it can match the shape of high -heeled shoes, long gloves, knights, etc., or with sexual toys to play the greatest stimulus effect.

Seven, the maintenance of sexy underwear

It is not recommended to use a washing machine for the cleaning of sexy underwear. It is best to wash and dry it by hand, and use a special underwear detergent to maintain the texture of the fabric.In addition, it is best to store the underwear separately to avoid rubbing or squeezing with other items and affect the quality.

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8. Suggestions for the purchase of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, the experience of practicality and meat sense is the focus of consideration.A good sexy underwear can satisfy sexual desire and lasting durability, and will become an excellent sexual partner.In addition, when selecting brands and purchasing methods, you can refer to the evaluation of others or buy it in a professional sexual product store to ensure quality and comfort.

Nine, the fashion trend of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is like other clothing, which meets the changing fashion trend.For example, this year’s stitching and high -waisted design is very hot. It can be used on the underwear design, with elements such as tassels and rivets, bringing a new sense and distinctive personality characteristics.

10. My point of view

Interesting underwear is a "condiment" in the field of sex, which penetrates into our lives.It can not only add interest and excitement, but also spread a healthy, confident and beautiful outlook on life.Prepare to choose a good sexy underwear and enjoy a better, fulfilling and meaningful sex life!