Sexy underwear people wear

Sexy underwear people wear

Interest underwear is a necessary choice for women. Whether it is to enhance self -confidence or increase interest, play a better effect in sex, sexy underwear has its unique effect.The following will introduce the classification and selection skills of sexy underwear.

# 1. Classification of women’s sexy underwear

Women’s sexy underwear can generally be divided into two categories. One is sexy underwear, and the other is H -shaped sexy underwear.Sexual emotional interesting underwear, generally refers to various sexy underwear, including low -cut, hollow, lace, silk, velvet and silk, and usually uses makeup accessories such as beads and ribbons.The H -type sexy underwear is specially treated with lace, silk and other materials, so that the body curve is more fitted and the beauty of the body line is improved.

# 2. Size of Selecting Skills of Fun Underwear

When you choose a sexy underwear, the most important thing is to choose a suitable size underwear.The size of ordinary underwear and sexy underwear is a little different.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, you must measure the bust, waist and hips to better choose the size suitable for you.Even if the sizes are wrong, even if they are sexy, they cannot show your figure well.

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# 3. The color of the selection skills of sexy underwear

The color in sex underwear is also very important.Under normal circumstances, black, red, purple and other dark -colored underwear are more sexy.White and light -colored underwear is more suitable for daily wear.Of course, it is also very important to choose the right color according to your skin color.

# 4. The material of the selection skills of sexy underwear

In the choice of sex underwear, materials are also important.Lace, silk, soft satin and other soft texture and tightly attached to the skin are more suitable for the production of sexy underwear.At the same time, these materials can show the body curve well and have a strong sexy charm.

# 5. How to choose the right sexy lingerie style

When choosing a sexy lingerie style, you must consider your body and personal preference.For people with a full breast, you can choose a high -necked or long -sleeved style; for people with relatively small breasts, you can choose thin and low -cut sexy underwear to better display your body.

# 6. Fun underwear cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning maintenance is a job that must be done after using sexy underwear.Be careful not to be too intense when cleaning, so as not to cause the material of the sexy underwear to deform or even damage.At the same time, before cleaning, it is best to remove the accessories, straps and other accessories of sexy underwear to avoid damage.

# 7. How to match sex underwear

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In addition to being worn alone, sexy underwear can also be matched with other clothing to create a unique sexy charm.For example, you can match a short skirt, or wear a pair of high -heeled shoes, so that you can show your sexy virtue differently while wearing sexy underwear.

# 8. Reserve the difference between sexy underwear and traditional underwear

The sexy of sexy underwear is the characteristic of traditional underwear, but we should also know that there are still certain differences between sexy underwear and daily underwear.The purpose of sexy underwear is to show the charm of the body, not to wear comfort, so you must pay attention to adjust the looseness of the underwear when wearing daily wearing to make yourself more comfortable.

# 9. The matching of sexy underwear and sex toys

In the field of sex products, sexy underwear and sex toys are two inseparable parts.You can choose a sexy underwear with a soft texture and close to your body, and a sexy toy that meets your preferences, creating a more spicy and charming erotic experience.

# 10. Select the importance of sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for women.Good erotic underwear can not only enhance your self -confidence and charm, but also allow yourself to enjoy the process of sex more.At the same time, we should also pay attention to details such as cleaning and maintenance to ensure the vitality and life of sexy underwear.

In short, sexy underwear is not only a necessary choice for women, but also one of the tools for creating sexy charm.Hope that the above content can help you when choosing sexy underwear.