Sexy underwear passion novels

Sexy underwear passion novels

Sexy underwear passion novels

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with special design and materials, suitable for couples with different occasions and different flavors.Many people choose to wear sexy underwear to increase life interest and passion.Here, I will share some passionate novels of sexy underwear, hoping to bring you inspiration.

1. Conference room

I came to the company’s conference room, none of them were present.I felt a little lost. Suddenly a girl wearing flesh -colored stockings, black high heels, and black bra and red dress came in.She is the head of our company’s financial department.She walked in front of me, leaned down and kissed gently, making me feel her smooth skin.This made me very excited. After returning to the company, I couldn’t remember the work of this evening.

2. Wild dating

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I dated my girlfriend on an unmanned grass.She is wearing a red monster in a fun underwear. This underwear has wigs and tails, which is very cute.We kissed and hug under the sun in the afternoon, so that the environment in the wild brought us more passion and excitement.

3. Dance

My girlfriend and I attended a makeup ball.She was wearing a purple lace sexy underwear and black stockings on her legs.We danced on the dance floor, and I could even feel every tremor of her body.All night, she and I were very excited.

4. Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, I gave my girlfriend a set of black lace sexy underwear.She put it on it, and I can obviously feel her body gradually becomes full of vitality.We embrace each other tightly, enjoying each other’s body and expressing love.

5. Travel

My girlfriend and I went to a seaside once.She wore a set of thin red lace sexy underwear and walked with me on the beach.When the breeze blows her out, I feel her sexy atmosphere and her pleasant figure make me unable to extricate myself.

6. Nightclub

My girlfriend and I went to the "Night Rose" nightclub.She wore a set of glittering silver -colored lingerie, making her look more sexy under the color light.Under the influence of alcohol and music, we warmly kissed and enjoyed the indulgence of the night.

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7. Holiday

My girlfriend and I decided to go on vacation. We chose a beach hut far away from the city.She wore a green gauze sexy underwear and looked at the scenery from the balcony.I leaned behind her and kissed her back gently.We walk from the beach to the beach and enjoy the small secrets between the two.

8. Birthday

When my girlfriend celebrates her birthday, I gave her a sexy birthday gift -a set of pink lace sexy underwear.She was very happy that when I saw her put on it, I felt very enthusiastic.Throughout the night, we were involved in the enthusiasm of each other.

9. Dating

My girlfriend and I went to a high -end restaurant, and she wore a black sling sexy underwear.In my opinion, this makes her look very sexy.We share food and love for each other, making it quite romantic all night.

10. Party

My girlfriend and I participated in a party of a friend. She wore a pink lace sexy panties and purple lace bra.In the party’s music, she said to me, "Please take me home." This made me sleep overnight.

In short, sexy underwear plays an important role among couples.Whether wearing daily or special occasions, a good sexy underwear can bring more passion and excitement to the lover.Putting on a sexy underwear and enjoying a unique atmosphere and sweet moments, become a pair of happy lovers.