Sexy underwear open crotch pants white turbidity

Sexy underwear open crotch pants white turbidity

Sexy underwear open crotch pants white turbidity

What is sexy underwear open crotch pants?

Interest underwear is a underwear designed to enhance emotional and sexual attractiveness. Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more sexy and explicit.And open crotch pants are a special design in sexy underwear, which means that there are crotch mouths in the local area, which is convenient for women to perform sexual behavior.

The use effect of open crotch pants

The design of the open crotch pants facilitates the operation of women during sexual behavior. There is no need to take off the panties completely, just open the crotch mouth.This can not only reduce the difficulty of operation, but also increase the atmosphere and passion, and the whole personality process is smoother and pleasant.

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Material selection of open crotch pants

When choosing open crotch pants, the choice of material is particularly important.Generally, the fabrics of the open crotch pants of the sexy lingerie are different from ordinary underwear. Most of them are transparent or translucent, such as silk mesh and lace.Choose a comfortable, soft and breathable fabric to make the whole personality process more pleasant.

Types of open crotch pants

Fun underwear open crotch pants are rich in types, including thong, low -waist, and T pants.Choose the most suitable style according to personal preferences and sex needs.At the same time, the open crotch pants also have supporting tops, such as corset, suspender, etc., which can increase the overall sexy level.

Size selection of open crotch pants

When choosing open crotch pants, the choice of size is also important.Too small size will make the wearer feel uncomfortable, and too much size will lose the effect and beauty after wearing.It is recommended to buy according to your own size, or try it on before deciding to buy.

How to clean the crotch pants correctly

Pay special attention when cleaning sex underwear. It is recommended not to use a lotus -containing laundry liquid or overheated water.You can choose a special sexy underwear cleaning solution, and choose the appropriate temperature and washing method.

Selection of open crotch pants


Open crotch pants are usually used for sexual use, such as sexual behavior with partners.In some special cases, such as sex venues or adult entertainment venues, you can choose to wear open crotch pants to attract more attention and customers.


The premise of the use of sexy underwear open crotch pants is that their physical condition and hygiene conditions meet their safety requirements to avoid the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.And sexual sex should be performed under safety conditions to avoid excessive delusion and adventure behavior.

The uncomfortable crowd of open crotch pants

Due to the special design of open crotch pants, some people are not suitable for wearing, such as pregnant women, women during menstruation, and people with anal diseases.For these people, we should avoid wearing open crotch pants to avoid adverse effects on the body.

Fashion or vulgar

As a fashion design, sexy underwear open crotch pants can increase the fun and passion of sex experience, but if it is not used or abused, it may become a vulgar and vulgar behavior.We should respect each other and their bodies, avoid naked and vulgar sexual performance.