Sexy underwear likes 3P young women

Sexy underwear likes 3P young women

Learn about the principle of 3P sex underwear

Before introducing sexy underwear, we need to understand the principle of 3P.The so -called 3P is the sexual behavior that the three participated at the same time.For many couples, 3P is an extremely exciting sex.

The role of sexy underwear in 3P

Interest underwear plays a very important role in 3P.Interesting underwear design sometimes considers the characteristics of sexual behavior of three people.Sex underwear can mobilize the passion between husband and wife and increase the irritation of the whole process.

Suggestions for selecting 3P sex underwear

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When choosing 3P sex underwear, you need to consider the following points.The first is quality.If you want to ensure the quality, it is recommended to choose a known brand.Followed by style.The selection of styles should be ingenious, fashionable, and innovative, not only to inspire passion, but also for a more beautiful and generous appearance.The last point is the size, the size should be appropriate, and different brands may have different sizes.

Common 3P sex underwear type

The following are several types of 3P sexy underwear: 1. Performance sexy underwear: Performing sexy underwear is generally translucent, which can make three people have visual stimulation during sexual behavior.2. Sexy underwear: The avatar sexy underwear is similar to the editing method of a three -player drama, which can make the three people more free during action.3. Group sexy underwear: Group sexy underwear generally has multiple suture points. Different three people can choose different in -and -in -way methods according to their own requirements.

How to choose perspective sexy shirt

Performing sexy underwear is a more common type of 3P sex lingerie type.When choosing a see -through sexy underwear, you need to consider whether the material is breathable, easy to dry, whether there is obstruction, comfort and other factors.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider the main user experience. Choose a good quality, comfortable, and not slippery sexy underwear.

How to choose group sexy underwear

Selecting group sexy underwear needs to consider factors such as price, comfort, and styles.It is recommended to choose a more secure sexy underwear to ensure comfort and service life.

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3P sex underwear precautions

When choosing 3P sex underwear, you need to pay special attention to the following points.The first is to clean the problem. Do not mix interest underwear and other clothes to avoid the deformation or damage of erotic underwear.Secondly, you should try to avoid exposing sex underwear in strong light to avoid fading.The last point is to pay attention to choosing a 3P sex underwear that suits you and husbands and wives.

3P sex underwear advantage

Compared with other sexual behaviors, the advantage of 3P sex underwear is to enhance the passion between husband and wife and increase the irritation of the sex process.At the same time, wearing 3P sex underwear can make the relationship between husband and wife deeper.

3P sex underwear’s shortcomings

Although 3P sex lingerie enhances sexual stimulation, there are some shortcomings in the process of use.For example, sexy underwear is not easy to clean or keeps clean, and needs to be replaced frequently. There is also enough patience and skills to operate.

in conclusion

3P erotic underwear can enhance sexual stimuli, not only to meet personal needs, but also conducive to communication and emotional maintenance between husband and wife.However, when using sexy underwear, pay attention to cleaning, maintenance, and styles.