Sexy underwear jk big code

Sexy underwear jk big code

Sexy underwear jk big code

On the market, there are many styles of JK uniforms and sexy underwear, capturing the hearts of many women.However, the size of JK uniforms and sexy underwear is limited. For large size women, it is difficult to buy.So, is there any sexy underwear JK for large size women?Next, let’s take a look.

1. Cute pantyhose

Pantyhose is an important item in sexy underwear. It can not only strengthen the sexy atmosphere of women, but also cover the flaws on the body.For large size women, it is suitable for choosing translucent and close -fitting pantyhose.This style can better lengthen the leg ratio visually, and it is also helpful in covering the obesity part.Of course, when choosing a style, you also need to look at personal preferences. You can choose different colors and materials such as patterns, mesh, or lace.

2. Shawn sexy underwear

Lace Strap Chemise With Sleeves – Without Thong – 13881

The shawl -style sexy underwear is generally loose design, suitable for large -size women with large bust or slight inflation in the waist.The shawl sexy underwear usually has perspective or lace elements, which can effectively regulate the proportion of the body while covering some flaws.For large -size women, shawl -style sexy underwear can also transfer attention to the waist and neck, making the whole person more tall.

3. Wide -legged trousers set

Wide -legged trousers suits are very fashionable sexy lingerie styles nowadays.Because of the loose pants, this style is suitable for wearing large size women, which can cover some parts that are easily exposed on the pants.It should be noted that preferably fabrics and colors, which are elastic fabrics, dark colors or solid colors.

4. Lace vest

Lace vest is a sexy lingerie style that every woman must have.The design of the perspective and lace highlights the grace of women’s chest and body, respectively, plus a loose version, suitable for women with any size.For large -size women, the design of lace vest styles designed more than silk, tightness, lotus leaf edges, is not only beautiful, but also helps to regulate the shape.

5. Bao hip skirt sexy underwear

The hip skirt -style sexy underwear is generally composed of a bottom skirt and the upper body part, which can effectively cover the flesh of large size women’s waist and hips, highlighting the body curve.The short design plus see -through material can better adjust.When choosing, it is recommended to choose some styles such as soft, elastic, and different design elements, such as lace and shoulder straps.

6. Asymmetric sexy pajamas

The style of asymmetric sexy pajamas is unique and suitable for all kinds of female women to wear.This kind of sexy underwear usually has different lengths of skirts, which not only facilitates women’s actions, but also effectively hide part of the body’s flaws.When choosing, large -size women can choose a T -shirt -like style, loose, elastic, and can adjust the proportion. At the same time, select asymmetric skirts that can be matched with other sexy underwear.

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7. Loose waistband sexy underwear

For large -size women, you need to choose some loose and soft fabrics.This loose waistband sexy underwear is suitable for women of various body shapes to effectively cover the imperfect parts of the body.If you want to reflect the sexy elements, it is recommended to choose the transparent or hollow design of the upper part, while the lower part can choose a loose style similar to a nightdress.

8. Shop -shaped corset

The shoulder strap -type corset is one of the most basic items in sexy underwear, and it cannot be missing for large size women.Because the upper body requires certain elasticity, it is more suitable to choose soft fabrics and wide shoulder straps.The shoulder strap -type corset is usually matched with various skirts and underwear, which is classic and convenient.

9. Shoulder sexy underwear

Shoulder sexy underwear is one of the styles that many women like.For large size women, highlighting beautiful skin lines is important.In addition, when choosing a shoulder -like sexy underwear, large -size women also need to pay attention to the size to avoid leaving obvious marks on the shoulder straps.

10. Viewpoint

In general, there are two key points wearing a sexy underwear, which is to cover up the flesh and the curve that highlights the figure.When choosing a style, you should determine according to your needs, weigh the actual effects and your body advantages, and choose your personal preference. In this way, you can confidently show your charm after wearing sexy underwear.