Sexy underwear itching

Sexy underwear itching

Understand the reasons for itching of love underwear

Sex underwear is a kind of sexy products, and they aim to provide people with a more relaxed and free sex experience.However, wearing sexy underwear sometimes cause itching, even pain and discomfort.These problems may make people retreat, so they cannot enjoy the fun of sexy underwear.So, what is the reason for itching of sexy underwear?

Choose the material that suits you

Maybe you don’t know that material choice is an important reason for itching of sexy underwear.Some people have adverse reactions to chemical fiber and synthetic materials, causing itching or drying.When buying sexy underwear, select natural materials with good breathability and good skin -friendly, such as cotton and silk, and avoid buying irritating materials.

Choose a size suitable for you

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It is also important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body. Wearing too tight or loose sexy underwear may also cause itching or discomfort.Please measure your body size when buying sexy underwear to ensure that you choose the right size.

keep clean

Interest underwear is a very personal product. They are often exposed to private parts and are easily affected by bacteria and dirt.Maintaining hygiene is the key to preventing itching of sexy underwear.Before wearing a sexy underwear, make sure your body is clean and clean and disinfected with sexy underwear.

Avoid excessive friction

Interest underwear usually has many details and decorations, such as lace border and silk.Although these decorations are beautiful, excessive friction may cause itching or pain for some people.If you have doubts about the decoration of sexy underwear, you can choose a simple style.

Use anchidal cream

If you have symptoms of itching of sexy underwear, use antipruritic cream can relieve symptoms and reduce itching.It is best to use anti -itching cream before wearing sexy underwear and apply it to the place where it is discomfort.

Avoid wearing too long

If you wear sexy underwear for a long time, it may also cause itching, because sweat and humidity can stimulate the skin and make the sexy underwear impermeable.Please avoid wearing sexy underwear for too long, try to control the time within a few hours.


Avoid multiple people sharing a sexy underwear

It is unhygienic to share sex underwear for multi -person underwear, which will not only increase the risk of itching, but also increase the risk of bacteria and infection.Even if the sex lingerie is disinfected, it is still not recommended that many people share the same sexy underwear.

Choose a medicine -level sexy underwear

If you often have symptoms of itching of sexy underwear, you may need to choose a medical -grade sexy underwear. These sexy underwear is professional and can prevent itching and other discomfort.When buying, select a trusted brand.


Wearing erotic underwear may also cause itching symptoms, but taking some preventive measures can reduce the incidence of this situation.The correct material, suitable size, and maintaining hygiene play a vital role in preventing the itching of sexy underwear.If the symptoms have appeared, try using antipruritic cream or replace the medical underwear.