Sexy underwear is particularly exposed

Sexy underwear is particularly exposed

As a special underwear product, sexy underwear is more considering its functions that show sexy and gender characteristics. When choosing this underwear, in addition to functionality, many people also care about its comfort and beautySpend.The particularly exposed erotic underwear is bright, sexy, dare to show skin and lines, and has become a choice for many people.Next, we will introduce the styles, fabrics and characteristics of sexy underwear.

1. "lace hollow" -The impressive decoration

The biggest feature of the sexy underwear of lace hollow models is that the petals of lace are deliberately set on the chest or hip part, which shows the skin and does not show the whole picture.And this kind of erotic underwear is also a lace that is scalable, which can be well attached to the various curves of the body, making people feel the temperature and comfort of the skin at all times.

2. "Net Eye Perspective Model" -The light and elegant design

The sexy underwear of the mesh eyes uses high elastic mesh fabrics. Its texture and details have a very strong shocking effect, and they are also very soft and comfortable in terms of texture.Wear in some more pure leisure places to show your personality and self -confidence.

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3. "Lace Three Points" -The sexy official stimulus

The lace three -point erotic underwear reflects the classical and romantic lace of lace. Because of its triangle, it is very conspicuous, and the color of the lace of the mesh fabric is more eye -catching and more fashionable. It is suitable for some special occasions.Increase sexy officer stimuli.

4. "suspender type" -satisfaction of curiosity

The suspended sexy underwear is different from the traditional underwear that does not protect the lower body, but emphasizes the beauty and design of the underwear itself. It is very detailed in the distribution of colors, texture and curves.Heart and courage.

5. "Beads lace model" -the exquisite and wonderful

The sexy underwear of the beaded lace uses the highest -grade lace fabric and is equipped with exquisite beads. It has a very feminine charm and shameful temperament, and it is a very delicate and wonderful one in the fun underwear.

6. "Low waist" -The tenderness and agility coexist

The low -waisted sexy underwear is more soft to the waist compared to traditional underwear, which is suitable for showing the curve beauty of the waist.The elements such as lace hollow and beading reflect the delicateness and exquisiteness of this sexy underwear.

7. "Belt" -This to high -end and exquisite

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The strap -style sexy underwear uses high -end fabrics and design. Its most significant feature is that it has a very delicate strap, and this underwear also uses exquisite decorations on the shoulders and backs.Very natural and soft.

8. "Full Transparent model" -The conquest visual strategy

In addition to effectively showing the charm of the skin, the full transparent sexy underwear uses visual and psychological strategies, which makes people’s eyes shine and feel the charm and strength of fashion and trend.

In short, the reason why sexy underwear can prevail is because it can take into account both beauty, comfort and functionality, and the particularly exposed erotic underwear has successfully shaped itself into oneThe existence of a very charming, sexy and free existence.Therefore, when choosing, we must combine personal needs, occasions and contexts, in order to better apparel and display themselves.