Sexy underwear express knows

Sexy underwear express knows

Sexy underwear express knows

Nowadays, there are more and more diverse sexy underwear, which can meet the needs of different people, and more and more people are beginning to accept this underwear.However, in addition to the selection of sexy underwear, there is also an important problem to solve it. Is the sexy underwear from express delivery to the hand?This article will introduce sexy underwear express, so that everyone can better understand the security issues of sexy underwear express, and how to protect their privacy.

Whether the express packaging is confidential

Many people worry about the privacy of sexy underwear. Express packaging is a link that cannot be ignored.Make sure the confidentiality of the package is important, so that people can buy sexy underwear with confidence.Many erotic underwear brands will especially allow express companies to wrap their parcels in ordinary express bags instead of packaging in the form of goods, so as to better protect users’ privacy.


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Many erotic underwear brands are identified outside the packaging, and they usually put some words about the content of the wrapping.However, in the sexy underwear express, this situation will not exist, because the brand will specially allow the courier packaging to protect customers’ privacy without any labels or logo.

Logistics company selection

For sexy underwear express, brands usually use some well -known express companies, such as SF, Yuantong, etc. These logistics companies are already very skilled in sex courier, and their logistics speed is fast, safe and reliable.

Questions of delivery time

Delivery time is also a problem that sexy underwear express needs to be considered. Usually many brands will choose to ship specially on working days. This can avoid the problem of inconvenient on weekends or holiday express delivery, so that users can quickly receive their own hearts.

recipient information

The consignee information is also a point that needs to be paid attention to in sexy underwear express.The brand will pay special attention to this link to ensure that the user’s personal information will not be leaked.When choosing a logistics company, the brand will ensure that the employees of the logistics company must also have the authority to query the information of the customer’s consignee.

The privacy of the delivery area

Interesting underwear express needs to be integrated, packaged, and delivered at the place of delivery. Here we must also pay attention to privacy.Just like the sign of the parcel, the address of the shipping place should be avoided to prevent the information from being leaked.

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customer service

For the brand of sexy underwear, it is also very important to pay attention to customer service.When choosing a logistics company, the brand will ask the logistics company to give users a good answer before and after the delivery, so that users are familiar with the specific information about logistics.

Package signing problem

The last question is of course signing the problem.Please note that some users with sex underwear are unwilling to let others know!Therefore, the brand will generally notify the logistics company that when visiting users, do not disclose the detailed information of the items in the package at will to ensure the privacy rights of users.


Through the introduction of the article, we learned about some precautions for sex underwear express, and provided you with some necessary guidance when buying.While protecting the privacy of users, sexy underwear express also continuously improves to ensure flexible and fast after -sales service, so that consumers have a satisfactory experience!