Sexy underwear domestic seeds

Sexy underwear domestic seeds


Interest underwear is a popular product on the market, which is very popular with women.Among them, the Chinese -produced erotic underwear has become a special brand in the market.This article will introduce the brand and its characteristics of the country’s products and its characteristics.

brand speciality

The brand characteristics of domestic sex lingerie is that they respect the equality of men and women, emphasize the complementary and respect of gender, and well convey the brand’s concept, which has obtained the recognition and pursuit of consumers.How beautiful, sexy, underwear suitable for various occasions.

Brand category

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Domestic sexy underwear is divided into many categories, such as black underwear, white underwear, embroidered underwear, transparent underwear, lace underwear, lace underwear, silk underwear and other types.

Black underwear

Black underwear is a more classic in domestic sexy underwear, which is very suitable for sexy women’s temperament.There are many design styles, you can choose a suspender, shoulder strap and other designs.

White underwear

White underwear is a more fresh and elegant type, which is very suitable for spring and summer.There are also many styles, you can choose lace or simple and generous.


Embroidered underwear is relatively rare in domestic sexy underwear, but it is also very delicate and specially worn.

Transparent underwear

Transparent underwear can show a woman’s body perfectly.However, this underwear needs to be more streamlined and excellent, so some brands in domestic sexy underwear do not make such underwear.


Lace underwear

There are many styles of lace underwear, which can be paired with many other clothing.Because of the decoration of lace, it looks more feminine.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a relatively special type of domestic sexy underwear. The decoration of lace makes it more luxurious and sexy.

Silk underwear

Silk underwear is particularly suitable for women with sensitive skin to wear, touch the touch, and the warmth effect in winter is also very good.


The domestic sexy underwear is novel, there are many varieties, and the fabric is high -quality. It has become one of the mainstream brands in the market in the brand aesthetics.However, because sexy underwear is used as a private item, it is necessary to pay special attention to privacy and quality during the purchase process. It is not only to buy underwear with good brand and design styles, but also to buy underwear with quality levels and superior materials.Especially when buying sexy underwear on the Internet, we must recognize regular channels to ensure the quality and safety of the sexy underwear purchased.