Sexy underwear cos

Sexy underwear cos

Sexy underwear cos

More and more people have discovered that sexy underwear COS is a very interesting activity.Wearing a sexy underwear COS can give full use of imagination and show your sexy and beautiful.In this article, we will introduce some common types of sexy underwear.

1. Nurse installation

Nurses are the classic choice of fun underwear COS.It usually includes a short skirt and a tight top, which is printed with the symbols of hospitals and nursing staff.Nurses can show the feeling of women’s soft curves and angels in white. It is a very popular COS type.

2. Student outfit

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Student clothes usually include a white shirt, a short skirt and some interesting accessories.This COS allows women to show the youthful and innocent side.Suitable for party, animation exhibition, etc.

3. Porn female police outfit

Porn policewoman clothing usually includes a black tight -fitting clothes, with some signs and whistle representing the police.This COS is usually brave and attractive, and women can show their courage and self -confidence.

4. Housewives

Housewives usually include a long -sleeved dress and some kitchen supplies, such as apron, chef hat, etc.This COS is suitable for women who like cooking, which can show enthusiasm and love.

5. Doctor pretends

Doctors usually include a white coat, a mask and some medical tools.This COS is suitable for women with knowledge and wisdom, and can show women’s cleverness and intellectuality.

6. Nude model installation

Nude models are bolder, usually not completely nude, but use transparent or translucent materials in sensitive parts.This COS requires higher self -confidence and courage.


7. Latin dancers

Latin dancers usually include sexy clothing, such as long skirts and high heels.This COS can show the elegance and enthusiasm of women, suitable for wearing at nightclubs, dances, etc.

8. Diablo witch

Dark witch costumes usually include some black or red clothing, staff and hats.This COS can show women’s mysterious charm and strong personality.

9. Pilot presence

Pilots usually include pilot caps, jackets and trousers, which can make women show their confidence and wit.This COS is suitable for participating in more formal activities or occasions.

10. Sailor clothing

Sailor clothing is a classic erotic lingerie COS type, usually including blue and white stripes, mini skirts and sailor caps.This COS can show the cute and fresh side of women.


Fun underwear COS is a very interesting activity that allows women to show different characteristics and charm.Different types of COS are suitable for different occasions. Women can choose their favorite types to wear.However, when choosing, you must pay attention to your body and temperament to show the best results.