Sexy underwear cannot be pushed straight to traffic

Sexy underwear cannot be pushed straight to traffic

Why can’t sex underwear be pushed straight?

As a kind of underwear with sexy incarnation and comfort, sexy underwear has been popular in recent years.However, many sexy underwear brands want to increase brand awareness and sales through direct promotion.However, there are many reasons why sexy underwear cannot be pushed straight.Let’s discuss in detail below.

Instead of sexy underwear involved strong privacy

Compared to other underwear, sexy underwear involves strong privacy.Therefore, consumers are likely to tend to buy traditional physical stores when buying, rather than buying online.In the e -commerce model, sexy underwear, as a private product, is leaked, will bring great embarrassment and trouble to consumers.Therefore, the promotion of sexy underwear brands needs to pass other channels.

It is difficult to accurately locate consumers

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The characteristic of through traffic is that advertising can be put into multiple channels to bring more traffic.However, the consumer groups of sexy underwear are relatively small, and consumers are not very loyal to the brand, which means that it is difficult to accurately locate the potential consumers through traffic.

Sexy underwear is difficult to quantify as a very personalized product

Unlike other products, sexy underwear has very strong personalized and customized characteristics.A sexy underwear may only be targeted at a certain degree of consumer, and it is not suitable for other people.At the same time, in terms of pricing, the value of sexy underwear is difficult to accurately describe, making precision marketing a difficult problem.

Interest underwear promotion channels are relatively narrow

In addition to passing through traffic, the publicity channels of sexy underwear brands are relatively narrow.Traditional television, radio, and magazines such as the promotion of sexy underwear cannot be done directly.In addition, sexy underwear is a relatively sensitive product. Many advertising platforms are limited, and the publicity channels cannot develop smoothly.

Questions of sexy underwear need to establish a good reputation and reputation

With the advent of the Internet age, good word of mouth and reputation have become an important indicator of brand development.For sexy lingerie brands, if you want to develop long -term development, establish a good reputation and reputation, and this reputation and reputation need to be interacted with online and offline, instead of simply realizing online promotion through the traffic.Essence

The establishment of word of mouth and reputation requires time and investment

To establish a good reputation and reputation, it takes a lot of time and resources.Not all brands can easily obtain high -quality traffic and good reputation by passing through traffic. It is necessary to use multiple investment, including investment in quality and services, to establish a brand cognition and reputation.This is the only way for the promotion of sex underwear brands.

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Questions of sexy underwear require more refined strategies

With the maturity of the e -commerce market, the promotion channels are becoming more and more diversified, and the fun underwear brand needs more refined strategies to promote it from multiple levels such as platform operations, content marketing, community operations, and so on.Especially in the era of social networks, the sexy underwear brand needs to turn to developing community marketing, and increase the viscosity and viscosity of consumers’ purchases through social networks, thereby achieving more persistent benefits.


In summary, although sexy underwear has been popular in recent years, it is not a proper way to promote it through through traffic.Brands need to promote the popularity and sales of the brand by establishing a good reputation and reputation, community operation, and precise release, thereby increasing the brand’s awareness and sales.