Sexy underwear buyer trial

Sexy underwear buyer trial


Sexy underwear is an important part of modern female wardrobe. They have different types and styles that can meet various needs.However, when buying sexy underwear, many women often encounter some problems, such as incorrect sizes and insufficient comfort.This article will introduce some skills and precautions about sexy underwear trials to help you get a better experience when buying sexy underwear.

Understand your body shape

Before trying to penetrate sexy underwear, the first step is to understand your body shape, including bust, waist, hips, etc.This will help you find the most suitable sexy underwear in the size so that the comfort is higher.

Choose the correct size

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Choosing the correct size is the key issue of trying to penetrate sexy underwear.The size of different brands will be different, so it is best to measure your body before trying it on to ensure the most suitable size of the purchase.When selecting the size, you must consider your bust, waist and hips to ensure that the sexy underwear can be perfectly fitted with your body.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits your style

The style of sexy underwear is diverse, from sweet wedding money to sexy lace models, all have different styles.When trying to wear sexy underwear, choose your favorite style and the style that is suitable for your figure.

Observe the details of sexy underwear

When trying through sexy underwear, carefully observe the details of the underwear, such as suture, embroidery, edge treatment, etc.These details can help you distinguish the quality of sexy underwear and decide whether it is worth buying.

Pay attention to the texture and material of sexy underwear

The materials and textures used in different sex underwear are different, and their comfort and texture will be different.When trying through sexy underwear, pay attention to whether the texture and materials are suitable for your skin, and whether it is caused by allergies due to its texture.

Find a comfortable bra

The bra is an important part of the collection of erotic underwear. You must choose a comfortable bra that can perfectly fit the chest, which will bring you better comfort and self -confidence.When trying to penetrate sexy underwear, you can choose a model with or without steel and cushions according to your habits.

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Choose the matching bottom pants

Like a bra, it is also very important to choose matched pants.When trying to put on sexy underwear pants, you must consider your hips, materials, and tailoring suitable for you.The choice of the color and fabric of the bottom pants is also very important. You should choose the bottom pants that matches your erotic underwear.

Choose a sexy underwear suitable for your temperament

Interest underwear can not only show women’s figure, but also explain their temperament.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, choose a style suitable for your temperament.This will help you show your style better while showing your figure.

Pay attention to your emotions and feelings when trying on

When trying to wear sexy underwear, pay attention to your emotions and feelings.If you feel shy or uncomfortable, you can choose to try on a more private place.When trying on, you can also consider the help of friends to get more feedback and make better decisions.


In summary, the correct trial of sexy underwear is the key to ensuring satisfactory when buying.When trying it on, pay attention to your body shape, choose the correct size, suitable style, pay attention to the details, texture and materials of sexy underwear, choose comfortable bra, choose matched pants, choose the interest that is suitable for your temperamentUnderwear, pay attention to your emotions and feelings.By paying attention to these issues, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful experience brought by sexy underwear more easily and more confidently.