Sexy underwear blood drip real people try on

Sexy underwear blood drip real people try on

Background introduction

Interest underwear has always been an important sexy weapon for women.In recent years, various types of sexy underwear have begun to appear on Taobao, and blood droplets are one of them.Blood Drops are a very popular sexy underwear on Taobao. It has attracted the attention of many women with its sexy style and unique red.But in actual wear, many women are also troubled by the discomfort of blood.Today we will invite a female model to try to penetrate blood droplets and share her dressing experience.

Blood Drop style characteristics

Blood droplets are a lipstick -style sexy underwear that allows women to show charm while not being too exposed.The characteristic of blood droplets is that the upper body is made of red silk, and the lower body is designed with lace.It can show women’s sexy curves, but it will not make people feel too exposed.

Size suitable degree

Boudoir Lace Blindfold – 7676

The size of the blood droplets is available from S to XXL, but many women often feel uncomfortable because they are not suitable.Our model is 170 tall and weighs 55 kg, wearing a M code drip.During the trial, she said that the size of the blood droplets is generally in line with the proportion of figure, but the difference between the body and the person is still very large, so it is best to measure your size before you buy.

Comfortable experience

Most women are most concerned about the comfort of wearing.After the trial is finished, our models said that the blood droplet experience is still good.The silk material of the upper body is very good, and the lace design of the lower body is very comfortable and breathable, which will not make people feel dull and breathable.However, if you wear it for a long time, you need to be evaluated according to your personal ability.


Blood droplets are a sexy underwear that is more suitable for young women, because its style is more avant -garde, and it is more in line with the aesthetic needs of young women.After the trial is completed, our model also said that if it is a younger woman, it is not suitable for the style of wearing a blood drip.


The most suitable occasion for blood droplets is the most suitable occasion to spend time with lover on a romantic evening.In addition, if you go to some avant -garde occasions, you can also consider wearing blood droplets.

With suggestions

If you want to match the blood drops, it is recommended to choose high heels or thin heel sandals to enhance the sexyness of the entire shape.If you want to go out, you can use a jacket or coat to modify the sexy.

Plus Chemise

Washing and maintenance

After trying, we learned that the washing of blood droplets is relatively simple. You only need to wash it with your hands without special washing methods.After washing, dry it, do not directly expose it, or use a high -temperature dryer.

Color selection suggestion

There is only one color of blood droplets, namely red.However, women of different skin colors have different effects.Women with white skin can better highlight sexy charm.Women with darker skin recommend some adjustments in color, such as choosing sexy underwear of other colors.


Overall, blood droplets are still a more widely used sexy lingerie style.Whether it is a young woman with a good figure or a more ordinary woman, they can find their sexy beauty on the blood drip.

my point of view

As a sexy underwear expert, I think blood droplets are a very classic sexy lingerie style.Although it is not particularly suitable for everyone, for women who can control, it can show sexy charm and make women more confident and charm.