Sexy underwear Beauty Faying Spring

Sexy underwear Beauty Faying Spring


Sexy underwear refers to women’s underwear designed specifically for enhancing the charm of personal sex.Putting on a sexy lingerie can make women more sexy and charming, increase sexual stimulation, and bring more pleasure to the sex life between couples.So, when a beauty is in spring, what is the most suitable for sexy underwear?

Black perspective sexy underwear

Black perspective sexy underwear is the most classic of all sexy underwear.Its perspective effect can show the sexy curve of women to the fullest, so that people can’t help but want to touch and touch.Black can highlight the mystery of women and increase the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

Lace sexy underwear

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Lace erotic underwear is a "versatile model" in women’s underwear. It can be paired with any basic underwear or stockings to show the elegant and charming side of women.The lace material itself is a symbol of sexy, so whether it is a small fresh line or a sexy beast route, lace sexy underwear can be handy.

Leather sex underwear

Leather sex lingerie is a representative of the sexy beast route, which is generally used in sex toys such as SM.This kind of sexy underwear highlights the woman’s constraint, but it also needs to pay attention to protecting the skin and not stimulate the skin.

Fluorescent sexy underwear

Fluorescence underwear is a new sexy underwear in recent years.This kind of sexy underwear will emit fluorescence effect under the illumination of UV lights, which is very technological and trendy.Fluorescent sex underwear is suitable for more active and playful women. Of course, you also need to pay attention to the details of fluorescent color.

Transparent sexy underwear

Transparent sexy underwear is similar to see -through sexy underwear, but transparent sexy underwear is more teasing.It can not only show the body curve of women, but also show the skin through underwear, which is very easy to imagine.

Sexy and sexy underwear

Sexy and sexy underwear refers to some sexy sexy underwear built -in.After putting it on, the aroma in the underwear will emit out, making people more excited and emotional.However, you need to pay attention not to be too irritating, allergies and other issues.

Fetish Wear

Open sex panties

Open sexy underwear is a relatively abundant type of women’s erotic underwear.Compared to other erotic underwear, the opening and sexy underwear is more targeted and irritating.However, it should be noted that the opening and fun underwear also needs to be properly matched, so that it will not appear too exposed or unjust.

Stockings sexy underwear

Stockings are an indispensable item in sexy underwear. It can not only show women’s long -legged beauty, but also increase the tensile and matching effects of sexy underwear.However, it is necessary to pay attention to the length and thickness of the stockings, and the effects of different stockings on the skin are also different.


In short, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose the type that suits you according to your body and personal preferences.At the same time, choosing erotic underwear also needs to pay attention to the matching, color and eroticism of underwear.Selecting erotic underwear can not only increase the irritation of sex, but more importantly, to enhance women’s confidence and charm.