Sexy underwear and underwear series novel collection

Sexy underwear and underwear series novel collection

1 Introduction

With the increasing prosperity of the sexy underwear market, sexy underwear has gradually entered our daily life.These panties have many styles, including common thongs, T -shaped pants, flat -angle pants, etc.In addition, there are some special types of underwear, such as split -back panties, exposed hip underwear, etc. These underwear styles are more sexy and sexy.

2. Through pants

Thong pants are one of the most common and basic types of sexy underwear. Its shape is similar to the alphabet "T", consisting of two thin bars in the front and rear and connected triangular fabrics.It retains the mystery of women’s parts and adds more sexy colors visually.

3. T -shaped pants

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T -shaped pants are similar to thong pants. It is composed of two thin bars and connected triangular fabrics in the front and rear, but the difference is that the thin band in the rear is vertical, just like the letter "T", soNamed T -shaped pants.Compared with thongs, T -shaped pants are more bold, because their thin thin bands expose the sexy hips of women.

4. Plastic trousers

The type of flat -angle pants is very similar to the conventional underwear style. They have a wide crotch, retractable waist circumference, and a square bottom bottom of the hip.The comfort of flat -angle trousers is unmatched by other underwear types, so it is often used as daily wear.However, the degree of sexy of flat trousers is far less than that of thongs and T -shaped pants.

5. Follow -up panties

The front and rear slopes are a challenging and sexy sexy underwear.The non -traditional design of the front and rear split -to -back underwear uses the hip and genital parts to expose, so that women can walk at the frontier of fashion and sexy.

6. exposed hip underwear

Dew butt underwear is a very sexy underwear type.It has many different styles, but the most popular is the completely open, only the belt and thin band around the hips.

7. Grace panties

Lace underwear is a very feminine underwear type. It is made of lace and transparent materials, which allows the skin to breathe freely while enhancing sexy.The style of lace underwear is very diverse, with low -waisted and high -waisted design, also split and overall design, as well as styles with decoration, bow and lace.

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8. Silk underwear

The material of the silk underwear is very soft and smooth, the touch is very comfortable, which can make the skin breathe free and enhance the body’s feelings.Its style pursues simple and smooth lines, and often chooses some simple transparent materials and silk combinations to make the entire underwear look more comfortable and reveal a sexy and elegant beauty.

9. Decorative underwear

Decorative underwear usually has many details and decorations, such as sequins, beads, bows, flowers, etc., making the underwear more beautiful, delicate and gorgeous.These decorations will add sexy and feminine panties, and also show the attention of women’s details and beautiful effects.

10. Summary view

The biggest difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear is its sexy and gender characteristics.There are many types of them, rich in design styles, covering various sexy and feminine temperament.Everyone’s preferences are different, so you can choose according to personal preference when choosing sexy underwear, but you must pay attention to matching to make the overall feeling more harmonious.