Sexy underwear 80C Live Picture

Sexy underwear 80C Live Picture

Falling underwear 80C Live Picture: Choose the most suitable sexy style

What is 80C sexy underwear?

80C refers to the size and bust size of the bra, which is a common size.80 represents the size of the bust is 80cm, while C represents the cup size of the cup, which is the difference between the distance between the chest and the widest chest around the chest.

How to choose 80C sexy underwear suitable for you?

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to consider fabric, style, color, quality and other aspects.At the same time, we must also consider your body proportions, skin tone and preferences.Here are some purchase suggestions:

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There are many types of sexy lingerie, including bras, underwear, chest stickers, slings, etc.In terms of style selection, you need to consider your body shape.

1. Tall women are suitable for more naked styles such as lace, hollow, and bellybands;

2. A petite woman is suitable for the same style of the upper and lower colors to eliminate the proportion of the figure;

3. If your shoulders and necks are longer, you can choose the style of the shoulder strap or off -the -shoulder;

4. Women who like tight clothes can choose more stressful bras and other styles.

Fabric suggestion

Interest underwear usually uses lace, cotton, adhesive, etc."Soft and comfortable fabrics" and "personal smoothness" are the main purchasing needs.At the same time, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the safety of sexy underwear fabrics to avoid causing allergies or even infection.

Color suggestion


The domestic sexy underwear market is relatively traditional, mostly black, red, pink and so on.Women with white skin tone and flat abdomen are suitable for choosing a light -colored series; while brown skin tone, slightly convex abdomen, and fleshy women are suitable for choosing dark colors.

Brand advice

There are many brands of sexy underwear, including "Sin En", "Dipil", "Flower Flowers", etc., as well as foreign "Victoria’s Secret", "La Perla", "Agent Provocateur" and so on.It should be noted that the brand does not represent all.Consumers should focus on quality and fabric while trying to pursue the brand to ensure physical safety.

Scene suggestion

The situation of sexy underwear corresponds to different wear needs.For private occasions, women can choose love lingerie styles according to their preferences; and for public places, feelings that feel too exposed need to be controlled and cannot be excessively displayed.

Price recommendation

The price of sex underwear is different due to brand, fabric, style and other factors.Consumers only need to choose the price interval they can afford according to their actual needs, and do not pursue the brand too much.


Due to the complicated size of sexy underwear, it is recommended to try different sizes in the process of trying to find the most suitable size.At the same time, when buying sexy underwear, buying brands should choose regular merchants or e -commerce platforms to avoid buying unqualified counterfeit and inferior products.

Display effect suggestion

If you want to show good results, in addition to choosing the right style, you should also pay attention to selecting the right clothes for display.The material and style of clothes will also affect the display effect of sexy underwear.For example, T -shirts, close -fitting trousers, tight jeans, etc. are suitable for sexy underwear, and can show better results.


When choosing 80C sexy underwear, comprehensive considerations need to be made in accordance with their body, skin, preferences, etc.Pay attention to hygiene when using to avoid adverse effects on the body.Choose regular merchants, brands, fabrics, and adopt methods such as style, color, and wear occasions that are suitable for you can choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.