Sexy pajamas Fun underwear large size 200

Sexy pajamas Fun underwear large size 200


In today’s society, more and more women choose to wear sexy pajamas and sexy underwear when they are at home.At the same time, as a large size woman, you may feel very distressed, because most of the sexy underwear in the market is suitable for women with smaller figures, but don’t worry, this article will introduce you how to choose suitable for large size women.Sexy pajamas and sexy underwear.

Know your body

Before buying sexy underwear, large -size women first need to understand their physical form.Different physical forms need to wear different styles of sexy underwear to achieve the best results.For example, if a fat woman is thick, she can choose a lipid -shaped -shaped sexy underwear such as high waist underwear or abdominal pants.

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Choose comfortable fabric

The quality of sexy pajamas and erotic underwear is also one of the factors that need to be considered when buying.Large -size women are large. If wearing inappropriate fabrics can easily cause discomfort, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear made of comfortable fabrics such as cotton, silk, almonds, etc. These fabrics are soft and comfortable.

Avoid choosing complex styles

When choosing a style, don’t choose too complicated styles, because this is not only easy to make people feel uncomfortable, but also appear obtrusive.On the contrary, choosing simple and generous styles is more suitable for large size women, such as V -neck sleeping skirts, lace lace dress and other styles.

Consider wearing style

Sex underwear is to add sexy atmosphere of women, but not every woman is suitable for wearing the same style of sexy underwear.Considering your personal temperament, body and other factors to choose different styles of sexy underwear.

Select the size

When choosing a sexy underwear, large -size women must choose a size that suits them, and cannot over -reduce the size for beauty.The unsuitable size can make the body feel uncomfortable and even cause unnecessary health problems.

Diverse style


Large -size women may feel that there are too few sexy underwear styles, and it takes a lot of time to find a style that suits them.In fact, there are many sexy underwear suitable for large -size women on the market, which not only diverse styles, but also meet the needs of different styles and scenes.

Choose with your partner

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is best to choose with your partner.This can not only increase the fun of interaction, but also allow the partner to better understand their bodies and promote the emotional deepening of each other.

Brand guarantee and price discount

When buying sexy underwear, in addition to styles and styles, you should also consider brand guarantee and price discounts.Choosing well -known brands can improve the quality and services of purchasing, and at the same time, choose some special price activities, etc., you can discount your shopping costs.


The matching of sexy underwear also has skills.When wearing, you need to consider the effect of overall matching, such as whether the matching of underwear and jackets is appropriate, whether the matching of underwear and pants matches.The effect of the overall matching is good to show the beautiful figure of large size women.

Point of view

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can make large size women more confident and aesthetic in dressing, but when buying, you need to consider your body, choose suitable and comfortable fabrics, and the size of the size.Prerequisites.On this basis, comprehensive considerations must be considered as a variety of styles, with overall effects, and fully considering the style of wearing style.