Sexy lingerie fish net stockings camisole

Sexy lingerie fish net stockings camisole


The charm and temperament of sexy women mainly rely on wearing, and various sexy lingerie can meet this needs.Among them, fish net stockings and suspenders are classic design of sexy underwear. They have both sexy appearance and functionality.This article will introduce the characteristics of these two sexy underwear, as well as how to match clothing and accessories to perfectly show their sexy charm.

Features of fish net stockings

Fish net stockings are highly sought after because of its unique mesh pattern and transparent properties.They have the following characteristics:

Net -shaped pattern: The mesh pattern of fish net stockings can show the bold and sexy side of the wearer.

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Transparency: Fishnet stockings usually have a certain degree of transparency, which can reflect the glory of women at a warm moment.

Color: The color of fish net stockings can be diverse, mainly red, black and white, especially black styles, which are unparalleled.

Material: stockings are mainly made of silk or nylon, which are soft and comfortable, which meets women’s needs for underwear.

How to match fish net stockings

Although the sexy and special design of fish net stockings has attracted the attention of many women, many women do not wear fish net stockings.The following are several suggestions:

With a short skirt: put on black fish net stockings with short skirts, plus a pair of high -heeled shoes, which can show the elegant and chic side of women.

With mini skirt: If you want to try more sexy and bold ways, you can replace the skirt with mini skirts and thigh boots, thereby showing a devil -like figure.

With basic models: If you want to be relatively low -key but sexy, you can try to wear fish net stockings with simple shirts and middle skirts or denim shorts.

Paired with a shirt: If you paired with a shirt, you are recommended to choose long clothes, such as long T -shirts, loose shirts or loose dresses.

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Features of suspenders

The suspender shows the sexy curve of women in the right place, enabling women to show their charm at ease.The following are the main features of the suspender:

Unique design: suspenders usually have four styles, namely triangles, retro, vests and exposed models.All kinds of different designs can show the sexy of women.

Elasticity: The suspender is usually made of satin material. It has strong elasticity and can meet the shape of women.

Color: There are many choices in the color of the suspender, such as white, black, red and dark purple.

How to match a suspender

In order to show the sexy and charm of the suspender, it also requires some skills.

With shorts: Simple black camisole, with denim shorts to show the cute side of the girl.

Paired with jeans: If you want to show mature without losing elegance, you can pair with cigarette gray jeans.

Matching skirts: The matching of the suspender and various skirts is also very wonderful, such as short skirts, long skirts and skirts, you can wear a suspender.

With retro: the suspender can also be worn with the retro body skirt to show a different charm.

The matching of fish net stockings and suspenders

Fish net stockings and suspenders are classic designs of sexy underwear, which can also create different styles in combination.

Sexy lace model: Black and transparent fish net stockings with black lace camisco can show the mature and charming side of women.

Simple age reduction: If you like simple and fresh wear, you can choose a retro suspender with a white transparent fish net stockings with a bow.

Ship socks: Fish net boat socks with black simple suspenders or camisrets in the shoulder -free parts can show the sexy shoulder curve and waist of women.

Nursing maintenance of single products

As a sexy underwear, fish net stockings and suspenders need to be carried out for some special care. Below is some important precautions.

Hand washing: Fish net stockings and sling are not suitable for machine washing. You should wash it with cold water and hang it.

Avoid sun exposure: Fish net stockings and slings to avoid long -term sun exposure, otherwise they will deform or change color.

Avoid friction: Fish net stockings and straps need to avoid friction and jagging, otherwise it will easily cause damage.

Popular style changes

Although the main styles of fish net stockings and slings have not changed much, some small changes are still worthy of attention.

Color: Different colors and patterns of fish net stockings and slings are gradually becoming popular, such as flowers, spots, texture design, and constantly create new styles.

Blockbuster design: Some suspenders are increasing the strap design, allowing women to adjust the length freely.

Ship socks design: In addition to the traditional suspender style, the ribbon of ship socks is gradually becoming popular.


Whether it is fish net stockings or suspenders, as a classic design of sexy underwear, they can exude women with elegant and sexy charm.In terms of dressing and matching, you need to pay attention to the coordination of clothes and jewelry to maintain the overall harmony.In addition, nursing maintenance is also a problem that women need to pay attention to often.It is believed that with the continuous innovation of design and styles, fish net stockings and straps will continue to play a role in the fashion industry.