Sexy lingerie exposed milk open crotch small breast

Sexy lingerie exposed milk open crotch small breast

Sexy lingerie exposed milk open crotch small breast

Interest underwear is a more exciting and romantic way to live.Among them, open crotch and exposed milk are loved by many people.This article will explore the choice and matching method of sexy lingerie open crotch -type small breasts.

Choose the right size and model

For small breasts, it is important to choose a size and model for sex underwear.First of all, you should choose the appropriate size to avoid excessive and small effects and comfort.Secondly, choose suitable models according to the chest type, such as the triangle cups, plump cups, and so on.

Low milk design with open crotch type

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Delded milk -type sexy underwear is suitable for women with a slim body and full chest, and women with small breasts can choose some thick pads and supported underwear to increase their breasts. They can also choose open milk and open crotch type to make the whole person more sexy.Full of charm.

Color selection and matching

Color selection and matching are also very important for sexy underwear.Women of small breasts can choose some gorgeous colors to increase self -confidence, such as red and pink.At the same time, the basic color systems such as white, black, and nude can be considered in combination, which is not only thin, but also more noble and elegant.

Choose suitable fabrics

The choice of fabrics is also very important. To avoid excessive tight materials, excessive shrinkage affects wearing comfort.It is recommended to choose breathable, comfortable and soft fabrics, such as lace, cotton, etc.

With a sexy sleeping skirt

Sexy underwear open crotch -type small breasts with a sexy nightdress, which is even more charming.The color of the nightdress should be coordinated with sexy underwear. You can consider some decorations such as lace and folds to increase the visual effect.

With stockings and high heels

If you still want to be more perfect, you can match a twin sexy stockings and high heels to make the leg lines more beautiful. At the same time, it will increase the beauty of the curve, which is extremely tempting.


Choose suitable occasions

It is best to wear different occasions with sex underwear. For small breasts, you can choose some private dating, romantic dinner and other occasions. At the same time, keep self -confidence and make people more charming.

Daily maintenance

Maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important. It can not only extend the service life, but also keep the underwear sexy.It is recommended to wash it before wearing it to avoid stimulation of chemicals to the skin, and fully dry to avoid bacterial reproduction.


Sexy underwear open -crotch small breasts are not only part of the sex life, but also a way to show women to show self -confidence, elegance, and sexy.In terms of choice, you need to comprehensively consider your body, chest shape, fabric, color and other factors to make yourself more perfect.