Sexy lingerie dew point diagram

Sexy lingerie dew point diagram

Introduction: The bold design of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of extreme sexy underwear with boldness and daring to show the figure.Their bold designs make many women challenge them. However, their popular trends are increasing, not only because they are attractive, but also because they can evoke confidence and sexy feelings.

Bikini underwear: sexy and bold

Bikini underwear is usually related to the beach and swimming, but they are also very popular in the field of sexy underwear.This underwear is usually composed of a small amount of cover and a small amount of fabric, which makes many people amazed by their sexy and bold design.

Lace underwear: light and beautiful

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Lace underwear is soft and beautiful, and it is very popular in the field of sexy underwear.This underwear is usually composed of lace lace, silky comfortable fabric and raised chest design, so that the body of different shapes can wear a favorability.

Ballet dance girl underwear: soft and waxy and sexy

Ballet girl underwear is very light and soft sexy underwear type.This underwear and ballet dance girls have the common characteristics, that is, high waistline, loose hem is the same as the robe.These underwear are usually made of raised chest and soft fabrics, making the wearer feel sexy and comfortable.

Open underwear: charming and tempting

Open underwear has an open design, which makes the sexy parts of the wearer fully revealed, which is a type of temptation.This underwear is usually made of very well -covered fabric, and then a small amount of naked design is used.

Lian bodywear: fashionable and sexy

Conjusational underwear is a sexy underwear that runs through the elements of motion, lace lace, and raised chest design.Its design is unique, and it feels sensitive and fashionable after wearing it.This underwear may be a bit of shopping, but it is enthusiastic about wearing it.

Transparent underwear: bold and amazing

Transparent underwear is the most amazing classification in the field of sexy underwear.This underwear has bold naked elements and the design of the transparent bottom, which is very sexy.Transparent underwear is most suitable for those who focus on sexy, because wearing them will make you tease.


Leather underwear: alternative and sexy

Leather underwear is very different from lace lace and soft fabric underwear.The design of this underwear is suitable for those who pursue different people and alternatives, but also sexy and charm.Leather underwear is often used in SM or sex games, which can inspire some very irritating emotions.

Funding erotic lingerie: a rebellious personality and interesting

Funding sex underwear is a clever and irritating underwear, which is extremely interesting.This underwear is usually composed of lace lace, leather, iron chain and other elements, which can restrain the body and bring strange stimuli.It is usually used in sex games, making the overall experience more excited and alternative.

Summary: Fun underwear breaks traditional rules

As a bold sexy underwear, sexy underwear has far surpassed the traditional bra and underwear, which breaks people’s traditional rules for wearing fashion.Different erotic underwear types cover sexy, bold, soft, transparent, leather and many other characteristics.No matter what style, sexy underwear can bring a wonderful confidence and charm through its bold and sexy design.If you want to try a new and bold self -expression, you may wish to wear a sexy underwear, design fashion, and feel very in place!