Sexual Lingerie Four Seasons Practice Daquan

Sexual Lingerie Four Seasons Practice Daquan


In daily life, we are very critical.When it comes to selecting sex underwear, in addition to styles, seasonal is also an important consideration.This article will explain the four seasons of sexy underwear, take you to understand the style of different seasons, and provide guidelines for your underwear.


In spring, we ushered in a warm sunny day.This season is most suitable for wearing lace and transparent sexy underwear, which will make you look full of feminine charm.Choosing a flower pattern and bright colors of sexy underwear will make you more charming.


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In summer, hot weather requires us to choose light and comfortable sexy underwear.The shoulder strap should be wider to ensure that it will not cause severe pressure and dullness.Cotton underwear and sports sexy underwear are a good choice.The bright colors and interesting prints will make you more energetic in summer.


Autumn is a busy season.In order to adapt to this season, you can choose gray and dark blue sexy underwear, with some loose clothes, which will make you more tasteful.At the same time, warm -keeping performance is also very important. Choosing sexy lingerie with lining or thickening can increase more warmth.


In the cold winter, it is crucial to choose a personal sexy underwear.It can not only keep your body warm, but also make your coats and sweaters more neat.Choosing some warm or dark erotic underwear can increase the winter style.

Selection of fabrics of sexy underwear

Fabric is a very important factor. Choosing the correct fabric will bring you a more comfortable experience.As a natural fabric, cotton is the most popular choice, moisturizing and breathable, and very soft.Silk -quality underwear is another choice, which is very light and can provide you with an elegant appearance.In addition, adding elastic fiber sexy underwear is also a very popular choice.

Selection of Size of Sex Lingerie

The size is very important, and the choice of improper will cause discomfort.Make sure that the sexy underwear you buy is in line with your size, especially the measurement of breasts and hips.If you need it, you can go to the specialty store to try it on, making it feel very comfortable to feel very comfortable.

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Skills of sexy underwear

Correct matching makes sexy underwear more gorgeous and charming.For example, with high -waisted pants or short skirts, you can highlight your waistline and beautiful leg shape.With dark tops and light underwear, it can also create a great sense of layering.

Interesting knowledge of sexy underwear

The correct maintenance is very important. Whether your sexy underwear is hand -washed or machine washing, it is necessary to ensure that the water temperature should be appropriate to avoid excessive arrangement or damage.It is also very important to keep sexy underwear, especially for silk or other damaged fabrics.The steam iron can help you iron the sexy underwear slightly to avoid excessive wrinkles.

Four seasons commonly used sexy underwear brand recommendation

There are many erotic underwear brands in the market now. Whether you buy sex, sexy underwear or daily wear, you have a suitable choice.Among them, Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur and other brands are very popular choices.

in conclusion

Selecting sexy underwear correctly is a very important step. It is essential to understand the season, fabric and matching.I hope these tips can help you choose the most comfortable and beautiful sexy underwear.