Sex underwear processing needs equipment

Sex underwear processing needs equipment

What is sexy underwear processing

Interest underwear processing refers to the process of adding various details, lace, decorations, etc. to the underwear to increase its sexy, attractiveness and aesthetics.And this processing requires specific equipment.

What equipment is needed for sex underwear processing

In order to perform perfect sexy underwear processing, the following equipment is required:

Sewing machine

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Hook needle


The role of sewing machine

Sewing machines are the most basic equipment in sex underwear processing.It is used to sew the different parts of the underwear together to create an ideal shape.Sewing machines can be industrial levels or home levels.

The role of embroidery machine

The embroidery machine can embroidery patterns or letters in the specific part of the underwear.This machine can create exquisite details and gorgeous patterns.

The role of the lace machine

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The lace machine is a professional machine that allows the surface of the underwear to add lace, which increases visual attractiveness.The lace machine uses lines of different materials, colors and shapes to create various lace styles.

The role of hook needle machine

The hook needle machine is similar to the lace machine and is one of the professional equipment.It can make various complex decorations, lace and vests with different lines or materials.

The role of a flower press

Flower press is another common method for adding decorative patterns to underwear.This machine presses a specific pattern into the material, thereby strengthening the beauty and three -dimensional sense of the underwear.

The process of sexy underwear processing

When processing underwear, you need to design the decoration or pattern to be added on the underwear.Then use appropriate equipment to add the required lace, decorations, embroidery patterns, etc. to the underwear.Finally, the processing part is carefully cared and handled.

The purpose of sexy underwear processing

Interest underwear processing can be used for various scenarios and uses, such as increasing sexy and attractiveness, correction of physical problems, and the beauty of underwear.In addition, sexy underwear processing is also a common form in the underwear manufacturing industry, providing customers with personalized underwear design and customization services.


Through the above introduction, we understand that sex underwear processing requires specific equipment, such as sewing machines, embroidery machines, lace machines, hook needles, etc.These devices are used to add various details, decorations, etc. to underwear, thereby increasing their sexy, attractiveness and aesthetics.Interest underwear processing can be used for various occasions and uses, such as customizing sex underwear, increasing beauty, and correcting physical problems.Therefore, sexy underwear processing is an essential part of the underwear manufacturing industry.