Sex underwear honeymoon watch online

Sex underwear honeymoon watch online


After the wedding, many newlyweds will usher in a honeymoon trip.Honeymoon travel should be romantic and passionate.At this special moment, sexy underwear will become a secret weapon for making romance and passion.Today, we will understand how to choose a sexy underwear suitable for honeymoon and how to make them the greatest role.

Choose the importance of honeymoon sex underwear

It is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for honeymoon because this is a way to interact and communicate between you and your partner.Good erotic underwear can greatly improve the emotional experience and pleasure of both sides.Inappropriate sexy underwear may have a negative impact on honeymoon travel.Therefore, before choosing a honeymoon sex underwear, it is necessary to consider your preferences and your partner’s hobbies.

How to choose honeymoon sex underwear

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You need to determine your preferences and your partner, choose styles, colors and sizes.It is best to choose a soft and comfortable fabric to feel comfortable and confident when wearing sexy underwear.Considering that your honeymoon travel may involve a variety of occasions and different activities, it is recommended to choose some styles and color sexy underwear.

Sexy body clothes

The body clothes can make your waist look more slender, while improving your chest and hip curve.Sexy bouquets are usually made of lace, mesh, and imitation leather materials, which can highlight your sexy charm.

Lace panties

Lace underwear is a classic sexy underwear, suitable for any occasion.Lace underwear is soft and comfortable, and can highlight your body curve to the fullest.

Perfecting sexy underwear

The sexy and body lines revealed by the perspective sexy underwear are often amazing.This kind of sexy underwear is usually made of soft and translucent fabrics, making people feel very sexy and charming.


The bellyband is a very sexy sexy underwear and is also very challenging.This kind of underwear is characterized by hanging under the chest, making people feel very sexy and tease.

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Student outfit

Students are a cute sexy underwear, which usually include a mini skirt and a ultra -short top.This kind of sexy underwear is often described as cute and innocent, but there are some sexy components in it.


You can combine different styles when choosing a sexy underwear, such as matching the body clothes and lace underwear, or matching the sexy underwear and bellyband.This combination can add more interest and color.

Selection of color

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, you can choose classic black, red and white, or other colors, such as dark purple, dark blue, pink, champagne color, etc.Different colors can convey different emotions and atmosphere.


Honeymoon travel is a rare romantic and passionate journey, so choosing the right sexy underwear is very important.When choosing, pay attention to the preferences and body size of your own and your partner. At the same time, you can also try different styles and colors to create a unique and beautiful honeymoon journey.