Sex underwear headwear production

What is sexy underwear headwear

Interest underwear headwear is a jewelry for setting up the effect of sexy underwear. It can be a simple card, bow, or complex winding headpiece.Their colors, styles, and materials can be matched with underwear to create a different interest atmosphere.

Types of headdress

There are many types of sexy underwear headdress, we can classify according to styles and uses.Classified by style, it can be divided into simple card issuing, bow, complex winding headwear, headdress with veil, etc.Classified according to the purpose, it can be divided into the headdress settled, the headgear with the veil, the headgear with the earrings, etc.

The material and color of the headgear

The material of the headgear can be made of various materials such as fabrics, ribbons, beads, lace, leather.The choice of color should be matched with the color of the sexy underwear. You can choose the same color system or contrast color.Under normal circumstances, light -colored underwear with light -colored headdress, dark underwear with dark -colored headdress, and vice versa.

How to make a simple headgear

Make simple materials required for headdress: card or small jewelry, lace or fabric.First of all, cut the fabric into the appropriate size, and then fix it on the card or the jewelry with a needle wire or glue.

How to make complex headdress

Materials needed for complex headdress: ribbon, beads, lace and other accessories.First of all, you can use a large ribbon as a background, decorate other accessories one by one, pay attention to matching and evenly distributed.Finally, you can wrap the ribbon on your head.

With the veil’s headdress production method

Materials needed by the headdress with the veil: veil, small jewelry.First of all, tie the veil into a suitable shape and fix it on the cards or trims.You can add some small decorations, such as beads or small flowers, to play a set off.

The matching skills of sexy underwear headwear

Pay attention to the color and style of the underwear, and the matching of the head shape and the headgear.Under normal circumstances, hair can be made into the desired shape first, and then fine -tuning with the headgear.For example, hair buns or hair are suitable for matching with gorgeous headdress, short hair is suitable for small and exquisite headdress.

Falling underwear headwear maintenance

The headdress needs to be well maintained after wearing to avoid damage caused by various external causes.It can be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.If there is stains on the headdress, you can use a mild cleaning solution to clean it gently to avoid damage caused by excessive application force.

Applicable occasions

Interest underwear headwear is suitable for various sex occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, sexy parties, role -playing, etc.You can choose different styles and materials to create different atmospheres.


Interest underwear headwear is a good helper to enhance the atmosphere of sex. It needs to pay attention to making and matching skills, and at the same time, it also needs to take care of it in maintenance.Different styles and colors of headdress can be paired with different underwear to bring a variety of different interesting experiences.

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