Sex underwear Chengdu Store

Sex underwear Chengdu Store


In recent years, sexy underwear has become popular all over the world.Chengdu, as the largest city in the southwestern region of Mainland China, is naturally no exception.Many erotic underwear brands and stores have begun to pour into the Chengdu market. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a sexy underwear shop.This article will introduce some of the characteristic sexy underwear stores in Chengdu.We will select some of them at the level of the article to introduce, and our level has been gradually upgraded from low to high.

Level 1: Hall E

Hall E is a sexy underwear chain brand in Chengdu. The store mainly sells sexual erotic underwear and some other erotic supplies.The decoration of the store is simple and generous, clean and tidy.The price of sexy underwear is relatively low, and it is a sexy underwear shop that is more suitable for consumption.

Level 2: My Heart sex lingerie shop

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My Heart sex underwear shop is a sexy underwear shop in Chengdu. Its shop decoration is very exquisite.The shop specializes in high -end sexy underwear, and its quality and price are relatively high.The clerk’s service is warm and thoughtful, and it can provide professional dressing suggestions.

Level 3: Lovlov sexy underwear shop

LOVLOV sex underwear shop is a well -known chain store in the main camp of sexy underwear and supplies.The business purpose of the shop is "creating perfect sexy" and pursuing high -quality beauty in style.The production materials and reflection in the store are very high, attracting many customers.Their after -sales service attitude is also very good, and it is a high -quality sexy underwear shop.

Level 4: Q Sexy underwear Shop

Q sex underwear stores mainly sell products such as sexy underwear, translucent clothes, lace vests.The store layout is very romantic, making the entire room a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.The sexy underwear in the store is made from high -quality materials, and is sought after by many trendy men and trendy women.

Level 5: Warm and Woman Underwear Shop

The warm and sexy underwear shop is simple and exquisite, and the staff service attitude is very good.They have a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, as well as different styles and styles that different consumers need to recommend.Warm -Instes underwear store is a shop that is very suitable for basic understanding of love underwear to buy.

Level 6: Gu Mozi Sexy Underwear Shop

Gu Mozi’s sexy underwear store is a store focusing on selling exquisite sexy underwear. It has been loved by many young women with the style of painting and small fresh styles designed by girls.The sexy underwear and exquisite accessories of the pure cotton environmental fabrics of the shop are deeply loved by consumers, and the price is relatively high.


Level 7: Charming sexy underwear shop

Charming sexy underwear shop is a relatively high -end sexy underwear shop. The sexy underwear in the store is characterized by gorgeous and delicate.The decoration of the store is very luxurious, providing consumers with a very private shopping environment.The clerk’s service is warm and thoughtful, the store’s credibility is high, and the quality is guaranteed.

Level 8: Manito sexy underwear shop

Manito sex underwear shop is a professional sexy underwear chain.The business purpose of the shop is "focusing on underwear, simple but not simply". Buyers can choose different sexy underwear based on personal attributes.The underwear styles in the store are relatively diverse, and the clerks can make precisely combined recommendations according to the needs of consumers.

Level 9: Lili sex lingerie

Lily’s sexy underwear is also a relatively senior sexy underwear shop in Chengdu.The products in the store are mainly high -end, and the price is relatively high.The store can provide some more private services, making consumers feel comfortable.The clerk is very enthusiastic and will provide customers with as much information as possible in order to buy suitable sexy underwear.

Level 10: Chaonai Er sexy underwear shop

Charle’s sexy underwear is a very high -end, noble sexy underwear store.The sexy underwear design style in the store is mainly noble and simple.The stores are made of high -end materials, which are relatively high, and are suitable for consumers with noble quality.


Chengdu has a sexy underwear chain at all levels and characteristics.Customers should pay attention to selecting different characteristics according to different needs.Be careful when buying sexy underwear, and be responsible for your own health and safety.Consumers can check store evaluation and credibility in advance to buy suitable products.