Sex lingerie buy stockings

Sex lingerie buy stockings


In contemporary society, interesting underwear is not only to protect and cover the clothes of the body, it has also become a fashion category that expresses personality and increases fun.When choosing sexy underwear, stockings are indispensable, because good stockings not only give people visual enjoyment, but also enhance the overall sense of dressing.This article will introduce knowledge and precautions for buying sexy underwear and stockings.

suitable occasion

First of all, you need to choose the type of stockings based on the occasion of wearing a sexy underwear.For formal occasions, it is best to use simple -colored stockings such as flesh -colored and black, which can better reflect the calm and generous temperament.In some special occasions or personal life, you can also choose stockings of various colors to match.

Material selection

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Secondly, the material choice of stockings can be determined according to needs.For summer, you can choose stockings with a thin silk material to relieve the sweltering sensation. At the same time, you need to use thick and warm materials in winter.In addition, you also need to pay attention to the elasticity of the material, especially for the part of the thigh roots, you need to have a certain sense of firming, but don’t be too tight.


When buying stockings, you need to choose the size according to your body.Excessive or small stockings will greatly reduce the effect of the entire dressing effect, which will not only affect the appearance, but also greatly affect the comfort of wearing.

Operating skills

Wearing stockings also has many skills.First of all, wear your feet, then slowly lift the stockings, until the root of the thigh is reached, and then the reuse is neat, so as to ensure the smooth wear of the stockings.When taking off the stockings, you need to pay attention to slowly and lightly to avoid damage to stockings.


In order to give stockings a good maintenance, you need to pay attention to the following points.First, avoid wearing stockings for a long time, especially under high temperature conditions.Secondly, when washing, you need to turn the inside and outside of the stockings, then place it in a special washing bag, and use a low and gentle detergent.Finally, you need to pull down the washed stockings down and flat, and it is naturally dry and storage.

Suitable style

When choosing stockings style, it needs to be matched with the basic sexy underwear.For simple sexy underwear, you can choose a solid color stockings to match; for fancy sexy underwear, you can choose stockings with personalized handle or other decorative.In addition, you can also choose stockings with special processing with lace and meat to make sexy underwear more new.


the way of buying

When buying stockings, it is best to choose merchants with brand guarantee to ensure that the stockings they purchased have quality guarantee.At the same time, you can also choose to buy online channels, which can be more convenient and fast to buy the style of stockings.

Price range

For the stockings market, the price is relatively transparent.Ordinary stockings are about 20-50 yuan, while high-end brands will be more expensive, up to more than 100 yuan.When buying, you can choose according to your own needs and budgets.


Finally, it should be noted that under normal circumstances, stockings can be worn repeatedly, but they need to be replaced if they are too long; some items with strong stickiness such as metal jewelry and long necklaces may wear stockings.use.


When choosing sexy underwear stockings, you need to consider different aspects of needs to choose the most suitable for you.By selecting stockings that are suitable for your body, style, material, and wear occasions, you can perfectly match different styles of sexy underwear to create a more attractive sexy image.