Several -line brands in sex lingerie

Several -line brands in sex lingerie

How many lines are sexy underwear?

As a personal product, sexy underwear is a special category in the consumer market. Generally, it is only sold in professional places such as sex products stores.On this basis, according to factors such as its quality, price, and sales channels, we can divide it into several levels, which involves the brand -level issue it belongs.

First -line brand

The first -line brand is the top brand that symbolizes the highest quality, the most advanced technology and the most unique design.In the field of erotic underwear, there are relatively few first -line brands. Well -known domestic and foreign ones include Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, etc.The quality of these brands is very good and the price is relatively high. The main sales channels are brand stores and high -end department stores.

Second -line brand

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The second -tier brand refers to a slightly lower quality and price than the first -tier brand, but still has a high cost -effective and distinctive design.There are well -known brands such as Herchiden, Seven Dreams, Poseidon, etc., while foreign abroad has Gossard, Bluebella, etc. These brands have a wide range of products, including various styles of sexy underwear. Sales channels are more diverse than first -line brands.There are both official malls and cross -border e -commerce platforms.

Three -line brand

Three -line brands refer to a relatively low price brand, but also have high quality and basic styles.The domestic markets are such as Lewei, Kissexy, Mayfair House, etc., and Ann Summers, Fantasie, etc. abroad.Their sales channels are mainly concentrated in sex shops and online malls.

Quality and price

Quality and price are always the main factor of sexual underwear brand grading.Different brands of sexy underwear have different requirements in fabrics, workmanship, and styles, so their prices will be different.In addition, first -tier brands and second -tier brands focus on design in terms of unique cultural connotation and color matching, while third -tier brands pay more attention to the use of basic elements such as lace, mesh eyes.

Sales channels

The sales channel of sexy underwear is also one of the important factors to judge the brand level.Most of the first -tier brands have their own stores and flagship stores, and second -tier brands will choose to sell on e -commerce platforms with widespread high -end shopping malls and sales channels; and third -tier brands are mainly sold in sexual goods stores.

Consumer groups

The consumer groups of different brands are also different.Customers of first -line brands and second -tier brands are basically high -end consumer groups that pursue quality and personalized, while third -tier brands are targeting low -end consumer groups.At the same time, due to the different image and positioning of different brands, their consumer groups are also different in terms of age, gender, and region.


Lack of clear division standards

Although the market of sexy underwear brands is divided into one, two, and three lines, there is a lack of a clear division standard. Therefore, in actual consumption, different people’s understanding of the brand level has deviations.In addition, sexy underwear, as a sexy and bold buyer, can choose different brands of products with personal aesthetic, and is not restricted to the level division.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear is not a fixed -level brand, but a brand collection judgment based on various factors such as quality, price, design, and sales channels.When choosing consumption, we should choose the brand and products that suits them according to our needs, budgets and tastes, rather than paying too much attention to the brand level.