Sending underwear wearing it or changing it

Sending underwear wearing it or changing it

Sexy effects of sexy underwear

As a sexy dress with sexy effects, sexy underwear is increasingly sought after by women.It can show the curve and beauty of women, and increase the interactive experience of interest and sex.But how should we choose between wearing and replacement?

Do you change it with sexy underwear?

This is a problem that puts many women in trouble.The answer is not static. It is not suitable for all women. The following we list some factors to help you decide to wear sexy underwear or change.


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Interest underwear will give people some ambiguous hints, so decide whether to wear it according to the location and occasion you go.For example, if you go to a business dinner or wedding, don’t wear sexy underwear.But if you meet your partner at home or at home, you can wear it to increase the stimulus of sex and sex.


If you plan to go to date or visit the city in public transportation, then it is best not to wear sexy underwear.There will be some troubles and inconveniences. If you need to change, you need to find a quiet and unmanned place for replacement.However, if you go to your destination through your own car or private ships, wearing sexy underwear is not a problem.

Relationship with partners

If your relationship with your partner is already very stable, the trust and understanding between you is enough, then there is no problem to wear sexy underwear to meet your partner.If you meet your new partner, you can choose to wear sexy underwear after getting along. After all, sexy also needs to be based on the trust and understanding of each other.

Mentality and temperament

Wearing erotic underwear requires a certain confidence and temperament.If you are full of confidence and you won’t feel embarrassed and uncomfortable no matter what clothes you wear, then you can wear sexy underwear without losing generosity and decent.However, if you feel uncomfortable or worry about being discovered by others, it is best to replace it.

Materials and touch

The material and touch of sexy underwear will affect whether you choose to wear it.If the material texture is comfortable and soft, you will even forget that you are wearing sexy underwear, and you can even choose to wear it without feeling any discomfort.But if you wear fun underwear to make you feel uncomfortable, then it is best to replace it.


Season and climate

Seasons and climate also affect our important considerations that we choose to wear or replace sex underwear.If it is summer or hot weather, it will be more comfortable to wear sexy underwear.But in winter, wearing erotic underwear may make people feel uncomfortable, so it is best to take it with it.

Time and duration

If you plan to wear sexy underwear for a long time, you also need to consider your comfort and replacement needs.If it is only worn in a short time, for example, for a few hours or one night, then you can wear it without worrying about too much problem.But if you plan to wear sexy underwear all day or or more, then it is best to take it with it.

Interactive intimacy

Finally, you also need to consider the intimacy of interaction with your partner.If you plan to have sex or other closer activities with your partner, you can wear sexy underwear.Because wearing erotic underwear increases interest and the pleasure of both parties.However, if you are just ordinary dating or just gathering simply, then it is best to take replacement.


In short, the wearing of sexy underwear needs to consider multiple factors. If you comprehensively consider these factors, you can make the right choice.Different occasions and environments require different ways of dressing, so you need to choose to wear or replace according to the specific situation.The ultimate purpose is to show your sexy and beautiful, while adding interactive experience and pleasure.