Sending Friends Circle Copywriting

Sending Friends Circle Copywriting

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is not only for sexy and tempting, but also a way to express self and confidence.In this era of social media, we can not only show our charm by wearing, but also use photos to share our wear, send friends in a circle of documents to express our attitude and lifestyle.

2. Choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, we need to consider our body and skin color, as well as different needs of the occasion.For girls with petite figure or smaller chest, you can choose to have a lace or fold sexy underwear to increase the visual layering.Girls with plump chests can selectively sexy lace styles.For girls with whiter skin, you can choose a dark -colored sexy underwear to increase fashion; for girls with dark or yellowing skin, you can choose light -colored sexy underwear to highlight your own gloss.

3. Matching application

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Pay attention to the color matching and the style of clothes when matching with sex underwear.It is recommended to pair with a sexy dress, suspender shirt, or V -neck top to avoid matching with too loose clothes.In addition, you can choose a thin coat similar to the color of the underwear to increase the sense of layering.

4. Select the right camera angle

When taking pictures, you should consider your body and bottom decoration to grasp the angle and arc.For girls with a petite figure, you can choose to take a pult, so that you can eliminate your neck and increase your height visually; for girls with full chest, you can choose to take oblique photos to increase the visual curvature.In addition, if you have sexy straps or lines on the back, you can better highlight the design sense of sexy underwear.

5. Use text ingeniously

When sending a circle of friends in a circle of friends, we can express our home life or partying through text.For example, "one person can be very sexy at home", "must be a must -have for the weekend", "wearing sexy underwear with your girlfriends, leaving the most beautiful memories", you can use text to express the charm of sexy underwear.

6. Different fun underwear applicable occasions are different

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions.For example, champagne sexy underwear is suitable for romantic dinner or party; black sexy underwear is suitable for business occasions or parties to play; pink sexy underwear is suitable for shopping with girlfriends or enjoying SPA.Think about the appropriate sexy lingerie style to highlight your charm.

7. Choose a brand that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear brand, you can take quality and brand awareness as a consideration.For example, Victoria’s Secret and La Senza are well -known sexy underwear brands, which are guaranteed in quality and services.When choosing a brand, you should also understand the brand style, characteristics and style, and choose the one that suits you.

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8. Pay attention to sexy underwear with expert sharing

In social media, there are many erotic lingeriers to share their experience and wear experience.We can pay attention to these experts, learn their wearing skills and styles, and understand the popularity and trend of love underwear.

9. Combining your own preferences to innovate and wear

With the changes and popular changes in the times, we can try innovative ways to wear.For example, matching sexy underwear and shirts to create sexy and elegant professional clothes; or stitching interest underwear as the inner layer to show a sense of fashion and sexy layering.

10. End view

In short, when choosing sexy underwear, taking pictures, and sending friends, we should focus on confidence and health as the primary standard. Pay attention to the combination of quality and style, which is the best for ourselves.Down your charm and self -confidence through the matching and wearing of sexy underwear.