Look at the most expensive erotic underwear

Look at the most expensive erotic underwear

Look at the most expensive erotic underwear

Interest underwear is not only a simple sex toy, but also a kind of art and fashion.They come from various countries and have different styles and designs.Among them, the most expensive sexy underwear is also very interesting. The electronic components and rare metals that make people are covered with precious silk.If you want to know what kind of sexy underwear is the most expensive, let’s see today’s theme -look at the most expensive sexy underwear.

1. Millions of gorgeous underwear

The luxury and erotic underwear called "The Victoria’s Secret Million Dollar Miracle Bra" is worth mentioning. The price is as high as $ 1,000,000. It is composed of beautiful white diamonds, base processing Swarovski Crystal, and 18K golden lock rings, embellished on white silk.In 2004, Miranda Kerr put on this underwear to participate in the Victorian Secret Fashion Show.It is said that the design and manufacturing of this magnificent underwear took 500 hours to bring this peerless work to everyone.

2. Pearl -optical underwear series

Sexy Lace Blindfold – 7681 – 7682 – 7686

The combination of playful golden diamonds and silver pearls is the representative of the pearl treasure series.It mainly sews, each with 24 carat pearls, worth $ 900,000.

3. Coloja suit

Because it developed from a female headscarf, Crotchet is a very old -fashioned hook knitting technology.This Coroja suit was designed by artist Janet Reardon and her husband Jeffely Dodd. Its price is as high as $ 100,000 and uses LED lights and wool materials.

4. The highest -grade stockings

Silk socks are the most common types of sexy underwear, but the price ranges from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.In the high -end stockings market, the most expensive erotic underwear is made by the famous Italian brand Vitia Bazzeley. They use the hair of the New Zealand purebred Antarctic Cruise sheep, with a price of $ 18,000.

5. Marine Bio -sexy underwear

"THLASSO No. 3" is a sexual underwear made of natural substances made from water with cationic polymers and extracted from the ocean.The price of this high -tech sexy underwear is as high as $ 17,000.

6. Blackbird sexy underwear

This innovative and classical knitted sexy underwear is designed by well -known artist Lucian Matis. It is the source of inspiration for the "Water Story" created by director Guillermo Del Toro, the price is $ 11,000.

Curvy Plus

7. Underwear filled with diamonds

Ordinary diamond jewelry is not enough to attract people’s attention, so the designer combines underwear and jewelry accessories.This underwear is composed of ivory French silk, 18 carats of platinum, and 2,000 diamonds, with a price of $ 12,500,000.

8. Fur Fun Plasma

Since the birth of fur sex lingerie, it has been a symbol of confusion since its birth.It is a unique and extremely expensive production technology, but it is often protested by animal protection.The price of high -priced fur is between $ 10,000 and $ 150,000.


In the past few decades, sexy underwear has experienced great changes.Artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds have designed various sexy underwear to meet the needs of consumers.They are no longer simple sex tools, but complex artworks and fashion products.As Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld said: "Interest underwear is not just a dress, it represents where a society is."