Is sexy underwear belonging to the clothing range?


Interesting underwear, as a special clothing style, is different from traditional underwear.They are usually designed as more sexy, exposed, and have some strange or teasing elements, such as lace, net eye, silk belt, etc.But people are controversial whether sexy underwear belongs to the field of clothing.

About clothing

If we talk about "clothing", it usually refers to various clothes that people wear in public to express their identity, career, cultural background, etc.Traditional clothing is usually designed to facilitate the transmission of social information and visual effects, such as judging identity based on color and wearing uniforms to reflect professional knowledge.

Special nature of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is usually designed for more personal purposes.Their style may be very sexy and exposed, with many sexual teasing elements.

Whether it belongs to the category of clothing

However, in this difference, sexy underwear is usually not used to show culture, gender identity or occupation, but in more personal private occasions.On the other hand, the fun underwear itself is not enough to express the identity and identity of the character.Therefore, it can be said that sexy underwear is not a kind of traditional clothing.

Is it suitable for public places

Considering the special design of sexy underwear, we can reasonably question whether it is suitable for use in public.Sex underwear usually involves more private emotion and sexual behavior, and should not be displayed publicly.

Is it suitable for personal use

On the other hand, sexy underwear is for personal. Even if they are not suitable for displaying in public, people can wear sexy underwear in their own private space.Therefore, sexy underwear itself is not inappropriate, but it should follow the appropriate occasion.

Effect on the body

In addition, it is also a problem for people who use sexy underwear.Interest underwear is usually designed as extremely sexy, tight, exposed, etc. If it is not worn properly, it may even have a certain impact on physical health.Therefore, the use of sexy underwear needs to be cautious, dressed and used.

Choose the type that suits you

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your preferences and figures.Different body shapes are suitable for different sexy underwear types and require scientific matching.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should pay attention to your preferences, physical attitudes and wearing needs.


Therefore, it can be seen that sexy underwear can be regarded as a "clothing" to a certain extent, but it is not a costume in the traditional sense.For the use of sexy underwear, you need to choose, wear, and occasionally.If you use it appropriately, you can bring joy to individuals.

in conclusion

Conclusion is that fun underwear cannot be simply classified as the traditional category of clothing, and it is more for personal use for people.When choosing and using sexy underwear, they need to pay attention to their preferences, physical health and occasions.If you use it with caution, sexy underwear can be used as a personal pleasure.

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