I found a sexy underwear I bought

1. The experience of buying sexy underwear

I am a girl who likes to try new things, so when shopping, I am confidently entered the erotic underwear shop.Here, I found many sexy, sexy and naughty sexy underwear.So, I did not hesitate to buy a long -awaited sexy underwear, but I didn’t expect to be discovered by my friends.

Secret situation

My friend found the erotic underwear I bought. I was very embarrassed at the time because although I like to wear this special underwear, I don’t want others to know.Unexpectedly, I was found by a friend, which made me overwhelmed.

Third, accept the desire of the heart

Although a little embarrassing, I thought about my inner world. I think this is not bad. My preference should be respected.Sex feelings make me feel very feminine and make me more confident.I am determined to face this fact calmly and no longer feel uneasy and embarrassing.

Fourth, brave face

I may not be able to control the thoughts of others, but I can control my behavior.After recognizing this, I began to face my inner desire bravely, and no longer deliberately avoiding the eyes of others. Instead, I got along with friends with a more confident attitude.

5. Find the right occasion

In order to protect the feelings of myself and others, I started to choose the time and occasions of wearing sexy underwear more carefully.Wearing erotic underwear at appropriate time can enhance the intimacy between husband and wife, but in public, you still need to be cautious.

6. Share the way you like

When getting along with different friends, I will decide whether to share my preferences appropriately based on their personality and interests.Although my friends have different reactions, I always face their thoughts with a peaceful attitude, because everyone has the right to choose their own lifestyle.

Seven, the importance of sexy underwear

Sex underwear has a great impact on women’s self -confidence and sexy.Although it is sometimes accused of "exposure" or "inaccurate", if you wear it appropriately, it can make women more young and sexy.In the case of conditions permit, women should try to wear sexy underwear, which is good for women’s psychological and health.

8. Respect the ideas of others

Although sexy underwear is indispensable in some occasions, it must also abide by social norms and moral standards.Similarly, we should respect the ideas and values of others.For those who don’t like sexy underwear, we should give enough respect and understanding.

Nine, pay attention to internal attention

We should be clear that erotic underwear is just an external decoration, and the real beauty and sexy are from the inner self -confidence and self -worth.Interest underwear can help us better express ourselves, but true beauty and confidence need to be excavated from the heart.

10. Summary

When I was facing a sexy underwear, I felt difficult to accept.But with my frank acceptance of my favorite, I find that sexy underwear culture is not ugly. We only need to maintain confidence in women’s confidence and sexy on appropriate occasions and respect for others and ourselves.Symbol.

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